Wearing a Cloud! Barely There Invisible Look Bra

Today I am wearing a cloud. I bet you didn’t think that was possible! But it is…

I was lucky enough to receive a sample bra from Barely There in the mail – and this bra is made from the SOFTEST fabric I have ever put on in my life! It’s thyou can get one free too…

Just touching the smooth outer fabric of the bra before I tried it on WOW’ed me! Then when I put it on I noticed that the straps are easily adjustable because the sliders are in the front, not the back. Beneath each slider is a small, round clip. Here you can unclip the strap and criss-cross them, and clip them back on – making the bra partially convertible for your strappy, summer tops.

I have washed this bra a few times – zipped up in a lingerie bag in the washing machine on delicate cycle. I NEVER put bras in the dryer – I let them hang on a rack to dry. This has washed beautifully and maintained it’s shape and super-soft feel.

I am so sold on their second skin design, all-day comfort and support. There is just enough foam lining (not padding, just lining) to keep the bra (and me) modest under clingy tops, but it does not add a cup size. The cups plunge deep in the center to help the bra hide well, but the gore (the fabric in the center of the bra, between the cups) is high, to offer support and keep the bra in place. There is a hidden seam across the top of each cup, but other than that the bra is seamless. It’s also tagless. The product information and size are printed inside the back of the band of the bra, so you can remember washing instruction without having to feel a tag crunch against your skin all day.

The only time I have had a problem with this bra was when I wore it for an extra-long day at Walt Disney World, and after about 11 hours the little plastic clips that make it reversible were rubbing me the wrong way. But I don’t usually wear a bra for that many hours in a row. Today I have a long day of 2 flights from Seattle to Florida and I still chose this bra to wear.

I definitely recommend this seamless, underwire contour bra. It virtually disappears under thin fabrics, is foam-lined to prevent show-through, has a flattering, plunging neckline, partially converts to criss-cross, has the rare, convenient front-adjustable straps, is tagless for comfort and is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric a girl can put her best friends in.

Act fast to get one FREE!

BareNecessities is having a special right now for select brands to purchase 2 qualifying bras, and get the 3rd free, and this bra qualifies! No coupon code needed. Offer ends 07/25/2012. Click to view other items in the barely there product line. You can also find barely there at Kohl’s, Macy’s and JCPenney.

You can learn more about their specials on their Facebook page or Twitter account.

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  1. Claire C. says:

    Sounds like a great bra, thanks for sharing. What’s it like in the heat though? I imagine since it’s foam lined that it could get very hot in this summer weather. Or is it so light and soft that it balances out this problem.

  2. Rachel says:

    I live in Florida where it is 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity, and it is great in the heat. I even wore it walking around Disney World for a day.

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