Va Bien ultra-Lift Perfect Strapless

Stop tugging your strapless bra up. No one wants to watch you reach in the armpits of your dress or tube top. It’s like throwing every bit of class you had right out the window. But we know the revolutionary solution from Va Bien – the patented ultra-Lift Perfect Strapless bra.

Va Bien’s newest products have an aesthetic of “contemporary corsetry”. The ultra-Lift Perfect Strapless follows this look, and features the brand’s patented ultra-Lift technology with 3 hidden “stays” sealed between layers of foam in each bra cup to quite literally lift the bra, and hence your bustline.  Think of the stays like corset boning, but hidden within a bra cup.  An inner layer of strong powernet reinforces the back to support and keep the bra in place, while elastic and double silicone along the top and bottom reinforce gripping.  Quite simply: this Strapless bra stays up.  No more slipping, drooping, shifting or tugging to keep your Strapless in place!

A Convertible bra as well, the ultra-Lift Perfect Strapless comes with a set of straps that convert to traditional, halter, one-shoulder or criss-cross.  Don’t just take our word for it – the bra is one of the “Top 12 Selling Bras of All Time” on!  Available in Nude or Black, from B – I cup, the ultra-Lift Perfect Strapless retails for $58.

This bra definitely answers the question “What Should I Wear Under my Little Black Dress?” and is ideal as a full bust strapless bra solution. We had one reviewer test the bra for 3 days. She is a petite 32B, and here’s what she had to say:

First Impressions:

When I saw this bra for the first time, the cups appeared to be too big. It just looked like a lot of bra for a B cup. The style of the bra was nice, and the bow in the center gore didn’t seem too large or to protrude from the bra, so it would not cause bumps under my clothing. I was also pleased to see that the inside had little lines of silicone to help hold it up and keep it in place.

The fit:

Despite my original uncertainty, the bra actually fit quite nicely. The cups didn’t come up extremely far, so it could be worn with strapless dresses or shirts without peeking out. The band was an appropriate width and length, too. The bra didn’t shift or need to be tugged up ONCE in 3 days. It really stayed put.

The feel:

The fabric of the bra wasn’t itchy, it was very smooth. I read about the “stays” in the cups, but would have never known anything out of the ordinary was in them. The cups had a great shape and were comfortable. The only problem was after a little while the underwire became very pokey right in the center. This got worse the longer I wore it. I tried to bend the underwire a little to see if it would make the bra more comfortable, but this was only a temporary solution.

(Editor’s note: the spot where the underwire hits your chest is different for each person. The best way to tell while in the dressing room if you have a great fit is if there is no gapping between your breastbone and the bra while the band is completely vertical across your back.)

I think this was a fit issue, not the bra’s issue. It was probably just the wrong cut for my body.

(Editor’s note: I find that boobs, like eyes, sit differently on each person, and this reviewer is wide-set & broad, not all up front and bouncy. Probably because she is a distance runner and uses the muscles in her chest for deep breathing in ways that most of us don’t. The versatility of Va Bien’s products is demonstrated by a diverse celebrity following: from sexy burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese to former first lady Laura Bush to full figured Patti Labelle. Va Bien is also a mainstay in costume departments as well, such as Pan Am Wardrobe, USA Studios, Fox Studios, and Warner Brothers Pictures.) This bra in particular was in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine


Despite the modern (almost cute) look of the bra, it’s not my most comfortable strapless bra, but I’d wear it for short periods of time – probably to special occasions under black, formal dresses. If I had to dance, I know it would stay in place!

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