Unbelievable Unwire Review


I recently tried the new flexible, bendable and supportive Unbelievable Unwire bra from Warner’s. They sent me a Toasted Almond and Black Pin Dot bra in 34D to test out.

To learn about the bra line, you can watch a cute video here.

warnerdotFirst Reaction: The first thing I did when I got the bra was bended it and twisted it and mushed it between my palms. It really is super flexible and bounces right back! The un-wire is surrounded by cushioning and the cups are padded. Most of the padding is along the bottom of the cup and adds a little push up.

I thought the dots were cute and the seamless design looked like it would hide well under clothes and be comfortable.

The Fit: Warner’s says this new Unwire is a gamechanger that “Won’t poke, poke through or lose its shape in the wash.” With my first 2 times washing and wearing it, I completely agreed. This was a comfortable bra with a silky smooth finish. The padding was is more than a lightly lined bra, but was not an extreme pushup. The bra hid well under my clothes and washed beautifully.

My concerns with this bra were that the cup size was on the small end, so if you are between two sizes you should buy the larger size, not the smaller size; and the elastic around the band seemed unimpressive. Only time will tell if it lasts a long time or pulls out of shape across the bottom easily.

If you want to try it on for yourself, it’s carried online and at Kohl’s stores.

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  1. Jan says:

    I’m learning about lingerie, this is very helpful to me.
    Thank you

  2. Natalie says:

    Your site is so helpful for guidelines etc for some of our bra customers :-)

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