The Best Bra for You

HerRoom has created an infographic that solves a problem many women struggle with. The infographic illustrates “The Best Bra for Your Breast Type” by breaking down which styles will work best with your body.

It’s an easy game of shapes…

First lets look at different bra types and when to wear them:

Her-Room-Best Bra1


Now, find your breast shape/type and use the bra icons to find the best bras for your shape!

Her-Room-Best Bra2

For more detailed drawings to help, check out this link on Herroom or take the quick quiz that brings it all together with easy questions here:

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  1. This is brainless! So many bras and so little information available on their different purposes.

  2. daniel says:

    Have to agree, you displayed types well, but they lack of explanations.

  3. This was a WONDERFUL post! Loved the breakdown on all the bras. So many women are unaware of the different types and purposes of the bras! This is brilliant. Thank yoU!

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