Smart and Sexy Zebras?

Have you tried Smart & Sexy bras, panties or swimsuits? They are only found online or at WalMart. The prices are reasonable, and the company also makes and effort to give back to great causes. If you follow them on Facebook, they’ll even let you know about a new cause they support each Meaningful Monday.

Our friend Carrie tried the Zebra Smart and Sexy Push-Up Bra. She recently stopped nursing her 2nd baby, and is looking forward to new, sexy little things!

The look on the hanger: Having been stuck in boring nursing bras for the past year, I thought the zebra print was perfectly sassy, and the little organza bows at the strap added a contrasting touch of sweet. Having a closure at BOTH the front and the back was intriguing. It’s nice to see new innovations in basic bras!

The fit: The bra was sized “just about C”. I had never tried a ‘just about’ size before and found it to be a nice way to fit my slightly differently sized breasts. The push-up was graduated and the demi cup covered adequately (until I laid on my side in bed, and one breast did fall out). As the zebra fabric stretches around back, it stops short of the center of the back and turns in to black straps where it attaches to the back closure. I like the look, but found that skinny black straps around my back pulled a little against my skin. In the end, I mostly used the back closure, probably because I’m just more used to it.

The feel: On my first wearing, the place where the bows were tacked on rubbed uncomfortably. By the end of the day, however, it softened and I didn’t notice it anymore. It improved even more after a washing. The straps were narrow but comfortable – they did not dig in to my shoulders. They have a looped edging that made any sneaky peeks out of my sleeveless shirts a little more interesting. The cups stayed in place and gave me a perky look.

Overall, I will definitely keep wearing this bra. It wore well under T-shirts, was comfortable and fun. I ran the bra through the wash with all my usual stuff, and then laid it out to dry and it did great. (Note: Intimate Guide does not recommend washing your bras this way. Read about proper lingerie care here.)

Smart and Sexy also makes inexpensive, bra-sized swimwear in cute colors and patterns. At the time of this writing (until Aug 14, 2011), you can find 2 for $30 mix&match swim separates!

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