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Have you tried Smart & Sexy yet? It’s a line of basic bras and panties, FUN bras and panties, swimwear and more that is only found online or at WalMart. The prices are reasonable, and the company also makes and effort to give back to great causes. If you follow them on Facebook. they’ll even let you know about a new cause every “Meaningful Monday”.

Can this be my closet?

I met with Smart & Sexy when I was in NYC in June. We talked a lot about bra shopping online, women wearing the wrong size bra, trying to find cute bras at great prices – the stuff you WISH you could talk about at most lunch meetings. And their conference room was my dream closet! Cute stuff on hangers and a great big chandelier… and up-and-coming great products in the back I had to block out, but trust me, you’ll love them!

Are you a Gemini? I am! Today’s post is a Gemini post – it involves me and my friend Carrie. We each tried a lace Smart and Sexy bra – hers is a black lace pushup and mine is an unlined white lace bra. Thus hers has padding, and mine has lace cups that you can actually see through to the skin.

The look on the hanger: Carrie thought the lace did a nice job of dressing up a basic black bra. We both liked the pretty scalloped edge along the bottom of the band and the inside of the cups – and even under the center gore. There is a little crystal pendant hanging from a small bow in the center that Carrie could have done without, because she’s not a very girly-girl. “But it was discreet,’ she said. I like the tiny bit of glamour some rhinestones add. The lace carries attractively around the back.

The fit: The cup on Carrie’s push up bra was on the fuller side, which kept her ‘girls’ in place. “I did notice the underwire slipping down occasionally,” she said. I told her that meant the band probably needed to be tightened in back. If the band is too loose, it can creep up, causing the front of your bra to begin to pull down, leaving you looking less perky and getting less support. She thought the straps were narrow but comfortable. After a day of wearing, the lace edge at the bottom was flipped up from getting moved around when we sat down.

The feel: Unfortunately, the lace edging rubbed and was uncomfortable to Carrie. She felt like it did not soften after two wearings. By the end of the day, she was annoyed. I had no problem with the lace at all. I found it to be stretchy and comfortable, and that it moved with me, hugging each curve all day.

Overall: Carrie said, “This is a pretty bra that did not meet my highest expectations. It did wash well in a regular cycle with all my clothes (laid out to dry) although there were a few minor snags on the lace.” I felt like the bra was a great new basic to wear under lightweight fabrics, without added padding or cleavage. I know many of you search for these pad-free bras, and the unlined white lace bra will fill that niche. I washed mine in machine, but on delicate in a lingerie bag, and laid it out to dry, and it was completely snag free!

At the time of this writing (until Aug 14, 2011), you can find Smart and Sexy Illustrious Lace bras on sale 2 for $25, and 2 for $30 for their adorable mix&match swim separates!

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  1. We loved lunching with you too! So happy you loved your Illustrious Lace unlined bra. Please send us Carrie’s correct size and we will gladly send her a Smart & Sexy bra that she will love to pieces! xxoo

  2. Doris Ouellet says:

    Bought some of the bras when I was at Walmart in Hawaii. I live in British Columbia, Canada and would like to order some more, as they are the best fit I have found in a long time. How can I buy some more?
    Sincerely, Doris Ouellet

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