Product Review – Playtex TGIF strapless bra

Playtex strapless bra** this bra has been discontinued **

Over the weekend I wore my new Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits Delightful Dots Strapless Underwire bra. This is important because I was at Walt Disney World and to say I wore a strapless bra at a theme park all day and it was still comfortable is saying a lot!

If you don’t know about the Thank Goodness It Fits (TGIF) line from Playtex, they are bras for in-between cup sizes. There are nearly-A, nearly-B and nearly-C cups AND the traditional A-B-C-D-etc… Quite often Playtex TV commercials and magazine ads feature large busted women in 18-hour full-coverage bras. I thought Playtex only made large bras with thick bands and straps. But that is not the case. Just take a peek at their full product line.

So, back to my Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits strapless underwire with the pretty dots… Once again, Jeff ordered it for me. Mine is nude. I have worn it 4 times as a strapless and have not yet tried it as a convertible or halter, but the straps would allow for that.

So what do I think about this bra?

The Look on the hanger: 8/10. The bra is cute but not sexy. It does not look like an ‘old lady’ bra. Mine is nude. The dots add some character without being able to be seen through a shirt and without being too silly. It came with nude straps and I think they should also include clear straps.

The Fit: 9/10. It is a padded underwire with good support. Some strapless bras seem to fit well in the bottom of the cup but not the top of the cup. Like they get further from my body and from hugging me as the cup goes up. This one fits well through the whole cup. I like the amount of coverage it provides. It offers great shape and never slips down in back. Even on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I had on a sheer v-neck top and the bra was inconspicuous all day. And I did not throw it across the room at the end of the day! I took one point off here because the scalloped edge across the bottom tucked in sometimes when I was sitting.

The Feel: 9/10. This bra is comfortable, moves with me, and the wire does not dig into me. The fabric on the outside is a bit scratchy to the touch (the part with the dots) but the fabric against my skin was soft and comfortable.

Overall: 9/10. I’ll wear this bra and probably replace it someday with the same bra. It supports well, doesn’t leave lines through my clothes and allows me to show some cleavage without showing any fabric.

In Playtex’s TGIF line you can also find: add-a-size wire free bras, seamless stretch foam soft cup bras, super soft microfiber with underwire or without – and my previous review – the Front Close Wire-free Bra. And most are under $30 with sale prices around $17-$20.

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