Product Review – Le Mystere Tisha Bra

Before reviewing my bra, let me just clarify that there is a Le Mystere Tisha Bra and a Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra. They are similar, but they are not the same. And I’ve tried them both. Both are “T-shirt” or “sweater” bras with hidden underwire to give you a smooth look under clothes. Both offer wide straps for comfort.

The Le Mystere Tisha Bra is made from seamless moulded Microfibre. (Microfibre is a generic term for a synthetic fibre finer than silk. Microfibres are soft, lightweight, breathable and durable.) It comes in sizes 30 band in C, D, DD cup and 32-38 A, B, C, D, DD. Mine is a suntan color. It’s a bit darker than “nude”.

Le Mystere Dream Tisha braThe Dream Tisha is made of Tactel. (Tactel is a special type of lightweight nylon. It is said to dry 8 times faster than cotton, but it is at least twice as soft as most other fibers. It is lightweight and breathable, and 3 times as resilient as comparable natural fibers. Tactel is machine washable and retains its color and shape very well.) The Dream Tisha comes in sizes 32-44 C, D, E, F, G, H. It is a fuller figure version of the Tisha bra. Is it possible to be a 32-C and be a full figured woman? Sure. But if you are a 32-C and you are petite, this is not the bra for you. Get the TISHA, not the DREAM TISHA.

Ok, now that’s over with…

If you don’t know about the Tisha bra, then you are not an Oprah watcher. This is her favorite t-shirt bra. It does not show under clothes. My 36D does not show under tight t-shirts. At all. Not around the edge of the cups or the top of my breasts or the straps on my shoulders. Love that!

Le Mystere Tisha BraBut it is not a pretty bra. It is not fun or sexy or frilly or frou frou. It is functional as all heck and will hold our boobies right where they belong, but it will not wow your man. It will, however, wow YOU under a tight top when you have to jog back to your car to grab something, and your boobs are secure and snug.

So what do I think about this bra?

The Look on the hanger: 2/10. The bra is as sexy as a Band-Aid. Le Mystere makes some pretty bras with scalloped edges and lace. This is not one of those bras.

The Fit: 9/10. It is a lightly lined underwire. It is not heavily padded – so it adds shape without adding a cup size. The straps stay in place and my breasts stay in place. It does not show under my clothes one little bit. (By the way, I bought the Dream Tisha once to try it and see the difference. Because I am not full figured it did not fit right. There was extra fabric around the top of the cups near my armpits. But the Tisha fits great!) I took off one point because it has a very high center gore so it is not the right bra to wear with low cut tops/dresses. The bra might show. The shoulder straps are set wide, so if you are very petite and narrow through the shoulders, this might not be the right bra for you.

The Feel: 9/10. This bra is comfortable, moves with me, and the wire does not dig into me. The fabric is soft, smooth and comfortable. I rely on it as an everyday basic staple of my bra wardrobe. However, the tag in the back is very itchy. Tear yours out. Or better yet, email Le Mystere that they need to go “tag free” and imprint the info right on the bra!

Overall: 8/10. I’ll wear this bra over and over and probably replace it with the same bra when the elastic dies. It supports well and doesn’t leave lines through my clothes. It is an average-priced bra, and goes on sale regularly.

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