Peace, Love & Tie-Dye

Barely There intimates has hot, new colors for your favorite stretchy nylon microfiber. From vibrant tie-dye to hip rugby stripes, you can add some punch to your underwardrobe!

Their Bandini bra is a seamless, convertible bandeau with skinny, stretchy straps you can choose to slip over your shoulders, or go without by leaving them around your chest as part of the bra. One strap, two straps or no straps – the Bandini is your must have wardrobe accessory for this season’s tops & dresses! The lined version has thin foam in the cups to provide light support, added shape and modesty. Wear as a one-strap, racerback or strapless bra. And you can layer with another Bandini or one of their camis for a cute, multi-colored look. Hopefully the photos are doing a better job of explaining it than I am!

Plus, the Bandini bras come in “smart sizes”, the easy to use sizing chart from barely there from XS-XL.

Our teen reviewer tried the bandini bra that did not have the foam lining. She wished it had.  “The bra was a snug fit providing some support, but if I wanted it to peek out under a wide-armed shirt I would still put it over a strapless bra due to the fact that it had no padding. It was comfortable with both the straps up and down, but I preffered up. It also didn’t slip which was nice.”

When she first felt the soft, stretchy fabric she was afraid it would be too lightweight to even be opaque.  “Once I was wearing it, it didn’t feel as thin and the straps were comfortable.”

After wearing it a few times she says, “I completely love this bra. It’s super cute and I liked how the straps fold down. I couldn’t wait to wear in under some thinner tanks and racebacks so the tie dye effect showed. It washed fine. Nothing ripped or tore. It was great. I machine washed it but I line dried it. Overall it was a great product, I just wish instead I had tried the one with the padding.”

To round out the underwardrobe, the camis and bandinis have matching panties! Soft, cute and comfy, these matching panties will add a pop of color but hide seamlessly beneath your clothes. Our teen reviewer tried these in a tie-dyed brief. “When I first saw these panties, I thought they were really cute. The tie dye is different, and super fun. I think it’s a little strange that they are practically seamless, but not totally. Why not make them totally seamless if you’re going for seamless? I also liked that they have the matching bra/bandeau in the same designs/colors because with sports and sleepovers I always seem to be changing in front of people.

These panties fit great. Nothing was loose and the waistband wasn’t super tight or restrictive. They are also very soft and the seamless waistband on top makes them more form fitting, which I prefer because I am fairly tiny. I also run a lot for sport, and these were comfortable when exercising. The fabric is so soft and thin I am still concerned that they might tear, but they haven’t. I just have to trust they are well made. They also washed pretty nicely. They didn’t tear and none of the coloring bled onto other clothes. They stayed just as soft and didn’t bead either. Overall these aren’t my favorite pair of underpants but they are super comfy and cute.”

See more of the fun line in this short video:

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love the blue tie dye look and having it seamless is really sweet! (Comfy!)

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