Must have bra #1: The T-Shirt Bra

Tisha braFor the rest of this week, we’re going to be focusing on 5 Must Have bra styles to work with your wardrobe. Why? Because bras are cool (they hang out with breasts all day) and you might be wearing styles that show off more skin right now, and we don’t want you showing off more fabric.

There’s no better place to start than with the T-Shirt bra. While the T-Shirt bra is very obviously meant to be worn with T-shirts, one should not limit its use to the summer. Oh no, the T-shirt bra is your shapely, year-round friend!

A T-shirt bra is probably best described as a seamless full coverage bra. Seamless meaning the cups are all one piece so there is no seam in the middle of the cup to show through your clothes. It’s designed to give the breasts a smooth, round shape underneath a garment that has a relatively uniform appearance (like say, a T-Shirt). The cups are usually lined with light foam to prevent nipple show-through when the A/C starts to blast.

A T-shirt bra is as versatile as your favorite tshirt. Because the cups provide full coverage and they often have wide straps, it’ll typically be one of the most comfortable and shapely bras in your arsenal. T-shirt bras give you a great shape under whatever you’re wearing – so as long as the bra itself is not visible, you’re good to go. They work perfectly under tight (or not-so-tight) sweaters and should be a staple of your wardrobe in cold months too.

By far the most popular T-shirt bra with visitors to Intimate Guide is the Le Mystere Tisha T-Shirt Bra (shown above). It has a big sister, the Dream Tisha, for fuller figures. It’s one of Oprah’s favorite bras, so I’m sure that helps its popularity. Still, we’re impressed that people are earnestly seeking it out long after the episode that made its sales skyrocket. It must be good because Rachel wears hers a LOT!

Other popular T-shirt bras include the Chantelle C Essential Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra, and the Bali Passion for Comfort Underwire Bra (right). But, don’t succumb to peer pressure. Find the right T-shirt bra for you and it may just become your default bra for years to come.

To really do things right, we recommend having two t-shirt bras in nude and one in black.

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