Must have bra #3: The plunge bra

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Plunge BraHere’s the deal: You just got a fabulous new necklace & you want to show it off. So you bought a new V-neck sweater or low-cut dress so you can show it off. You don’t want to show your bra off with the necklace. You need a plunge bra.

Or how about this: You’ve just found out you’re a 32G, instead of a 36C. (This often happens after a professional bra fitting.) You look like you have an enormous third chin coming down from your gorgeous face. You’d like to separate “the ladies” so you don’t have a vast expanse of fabric across your chest. You buy a lovely new V-neck dress. That does the trick, but now your bra needs to disappear. You need a plunge bra.

There are many reasons to get a plunge bra. Mostly, it comes down to showing a little skin without showing your bra. A plunge bra (as the name implies) is characterized by cups that are angled diagonally across the breast such that they are cut low in the center and high near the armpits. Plunge bras also feature a very small center gore (the thing that attaches the cups to each other in the front). The result is usually excellent support that disappears underneath your favorite plunging neckline.

Plunge bras vary in their degree of plunge. Typical plunge bras like the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Multi-Way Bra (below) look similar to a full coverage bra with the cups cut at an angle.

Some, like the Fashion Forms U Plunge Bra have an extreme plunge for invisible support under even the deepest necklines.

Many plunge bras are also convertible for added versatility. Some feature a small front closure in place of the center gore. Plunge style bras are plentiful, coming in almost every color of the rainbow and many different patterns too. You’re sure to find one or more that fits the bill for your wardrobe!

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