Must have bra #2: The convertible bra

Le Mystere backless Convertible BraLast spring, Rachel and I were attending a fundraising gala for a local charity. As we were mingling with the esteemed guests, we came upon one of the charity’s board members. She’s a Pilates instructor, so it’s rare that we see her in formal attire. She looked fantastic! She was wearing a beautiful, satin, emerald green dress that was perfect for her slim, athletic Pilates instructor body.

We conversed for a while and Rachel commented on how wonderful she looked. She thanked Rachel and excused herself to find her seat. As she turned, we saw that the dress was backless – perfect for someone with such a toned back. Unfortunately, the view was marred by the thick band of her bra. I nearly choked on my bourbon. To the woman’s credit, it was a very nice bra – one that she probably had purchased specifically for this occasion. It was, however, the wrong solution in this case. Why ruin a beautiful silhouette by putting your underwear on display?

A Backless dress almost always calls for a convertible bra – specifically, a backless convertible bra such as the Le Mysterie nude back convertible bra (shown above). The support system of a backless convertible bra distributes the weight of your breasts across your lower back and abdomen, rather than your upper back and chest as a traditional bra does. This leaves your upper back free of straps and bands.

Not all convertible bras are backless, though. Most convertible bras on the market are actually “partially convertible”. These bras have a traditional band that stretches across the upper back, but straps that can be rearranged. In most cases, such as with the Wacoal Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless bra, the straps convert to criss cross and halter styles so they are invisible under your favorite racerback and halter tops, respectively. In some cases, the straps are also removable so you’ve got an instant strapless bra.

You certainly aren’t going to be wearing convertible bras everyday, but not having one definitely limits your wardrobe. Convertible bras are all about flexibility. Make sure you have at least one (more if you wear a lot of halter tops) in your drawer.

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