Itty Bitty Bra strapless bra review

ibstraplessblackItty Bitty Bra sent us a strapless bra for review. It was worn by a petite tween to a dance. You know how the kids dance these days – jump up and down with their heels kicked off in cute, poofy dresses.

Here’s what she thought of her first strapless bra wearing experience:

The Look on the Hanger: I was a bit concerned about the front U-plunge (the gore). I don’t usually wear underwire and I thought it would dig in to me. I noticed the silicone on the inside of the bra, and I figured that would help it stay in place better. I was pleasantly surprised though! The plunge and wire were not uncomfortable, and made me feel secure while dancing. The bra stayed in place for hours.

The Fit: This bra is just a “small”. No cup or band size. I’m usually a 34A. It was a little tight at first, but after 10 minutes it felt fine. While I wore it I only had to pull it up once the whole night, and that was after 6 hours of jumping around on the dance floor, so I was amazed. Especially because my dress had spaghetti straps and no built-in shelf, so it was my only “support”. I’m really slender though, even for a 13 year old, so I’m not sure if any adults could wear this size.

The silicone left a mark on my skin from being tight fitting, but I guess that’s what kept it in place. I went to bed with some marks, but by morning they were gone.

The Feel: It’s soft. It doesn’t have padding, and I like that. It has just a light lining. Bra companies always seem to think because you are small you want padding to look bigger, but I have no desire to look bigger. The band/wing fabric is thin enough to be comfortable and breath without being too flimsy.

The logo is cute too. The whole package that came with it was sweet, with a little tape measure and postcards.

Thanks to our guest blogger for trying a bra too small for our regular reviewers. Note: The photo above is from the Itty Bitty Bra web site, not a picture of an underage model.

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  1. Grace says:

    I am a 40 year old mom of two kids. I absolutely LOVE this strapless bra. It feels great, awesome fit, and adorable style. You can’t go wrong. BTW….I wear the small I am a 32B. So, adults can with this bra with ease.

  2. Looking very stylish and sexy. I think these are in demand for today’s market.

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