Homecoming styles for Teens & Juniors

My daughter started high school yesterday. At the orientation held for the parents, someone brought up all the fun stuff that happens during Homecoming week. They wanted to know if Freshman participate.

Our school does a really great thing… prior to the homecoming dance, they have a potluck dinner for the Freshman. Everyone goes as a group, and then rides on buses provided by the school to the dance. They kick all that “asking out to the first dance” stuff to the curb. I like how they beat problems to the punch!

My daughter now has no stress about getting a date, and can instead pour all her angst and energy into hair and a dress with matching accessories! Byer California, an apparel company sold exclusively in Macy’s, Kohl’s and JC Penneys (sold as B WEAR, IZBYER and BCX) has the dress she loves!

Shown is her black and gold sequin BCX dress from Macy’s. It is a layer of black opaque polyester, covered with a layer of black sheer polyester. The sheer layer has gold sequins of all different sizes sprinkled on and sewn with a clear plastic thread.

She loves that the sequins are different sizes, because that is youthful and playful. She also likes that it does not show cleavage because she can get in trouble for that at school. It’s stretchy and comfortable. She also likes the black band in the middle which gives her a bit of a curve or waist, because she’s very slender. The sequins are a little itchy where they touch her inner arm, but not too bad. She still LOVES this dress!

I am pleased that although my daughter is over 5’6″, the length is still going to cover everything that needs to be covered. The one shoulder is mature, modern and stylish without showing “too much” skin.

We ordered this online and even though it came folded up in a little package, it shook out nicely and was ready to wear! It’s on sale now for $54.99.

All three lines of the brand are on trend, mass market and affordable.  You can get loads of cute pieces for fall, for juniors and misses, and career wear for those headed to an office for the first time. Most of it is only in stores for about 3 months before they are replaced with new designs, and you can often find great sale prices.

Here is one teen model’s take on why their clothes for Juniors are so great: http://www.youtube.com/bcxbrand

You can visit them online at BCX – www.bcxapparel.com, IZBYER – www.izbyer.com, B WEAR – www.bwearclothing.com.

maidenform strapless black braWith a dress like this, you need a strapless or convertible bra. Because my daughter is kind of tiny and doesn’t have to worry too much about “bouncing” at a school dance, we chose the Maidenform The Dream Collection Bandeau Bra. It comes as small as a 32 band, which many tweens need and it’s hard to find, and it is wireless. There is light, foam lining to prevent show-through. It came with clear, adjustable straps to convert to criss-cross, halter and traditional. There is no closure in the back, it goes on over the head. It’s a great small size strapless bra!

Her next step is to buy certified vegan heels to match. She’s not sure if she wants gold or black. And she wants a fun black headband with gold sequins. Something about a video copying a hairstyle of Aria from Pretty Little Liars… She already has a black leather strips bracelet with rhinestones from Look-a-Likes by Linda.

Happy back to school week!

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