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red dressWelcome to Fashion Forms week on Intimate Guide! We love Fashion Forms because they give ladies OPTIONS. Not every outfit, dress or item you wear will allow for the traditional bra and panties, and Ann Deal, the founder of Fashion Forms, fully understands that. She gave Fashion Forms the mission of using creativity and innovation to deliver the newest and the best non-surgical, breast enhancing bras and bra accessories.

For each day this week, we’ll show you our Red Dress Dilemma, and how Fashion Forms can help you solve it. If you have a formal event on the horizon, be sure to check out our solutions all week!

Red Dress Dilemma #1: The Beautiful Backless.

So you’ve found the perfect dress, but now you need the perfect bra to go with it! A traditional halter style won’t work with a backless dress or X-shaped back. We recommend the Fashion Forms Nu Bra Ultralite Backless Bra.

nubraThe Nu Bra is made from 2 separate, seamless, lightweight polyurethane cups lined with silicone as a natural adhesive. The cups clasp onto each other in front. It can be used up to 100 times. It is billed as the “non-surgical alternative for breast augmentation.”

Our high school intern Anna tried the Nu Bra out for us on prom night. She said to be sure to lean over when you first put the bra on. Then you’ll fill the cups with your whole breast. Put it on slowly and carefully, and once the cups are in place, clasp the front. You’ll notice a bit of extra push-up from the clasp. The silicone naturally sticks to you – it’s not sticky like tape or a Band-Aid, more like a light suction.

The bra was completely invisible under her backless, red prom dress – no lines or anything peeking over the top. She said it stayed on all of prom night. “Be careful if you get sweaty, it might shift, but for me I only felt that a little bit at the very end of the night after a few hours of dancing.” Because silicone is all natural and not too sticky, removing the bra didn’t hurt at all.

She recommends it to her friends now, too. “It was great. Now I wear it all the time under camis and other strapless tops.”

Watch this instructional video about how to properly put on your Nubra:

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  1. mommymomo says:

    I sooo need this! hehe. Coming over from MBC!

  2. Ginnie says:

    I just recently purchased mine. Living in Florida it is hot in the summer and I do not like wearing a full bra.



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