Exercise advice – wear a great sports bra

What’s the best exercise advice you’ve had?

Drink more water? Use a BOSU ball for situps? Run 30 mins/day?
Nope, that’s not it.

This is.
If you have breasts larger than a Hershey Kiss, keep reading.

As you move and bounce and run and hop on the elliptical training machine, please don’t forget about your boobs!

Today I was running at the park. There is a lady I know who teaches a boot camp workout class at the park and runs before hand. We passed each other jogging in opposite directions. She has been taught from birth to take care of her body. She has played tennis, competed in karate and worked out since age 7. (Something about her dad being an athlete…)
But, here she is out running at the park wearing a CAMI WITH BUILT IN SHELF BRA. She’s at least a C, I think a D. And her boobs are practically hitting her in the chin as she runs past me.

Is this uncomfortable? Sure!
(For her and me I think…)

no compression bras But this isn’t the opening credits of Baywatch. This is a woman who has been taught to care for her core, her muscles, her diet – but not her breasts. All this excessive bouncing will make her DROOP.
And if you run in a poor sports bra – and have an ample bossom – I will be sad because you’ll droop too.

Your best sports bra should not look like a big piece of cotton stretching across both breasts. And – guess what, your best sports bra probably won’t be pretty.

It’s not to wear in the bedroom or under your little black dress. It’s to keep the jiggle down to a bare minimum when you work out.
Your sports bra should hold each breast in a separate compartment so there is no bouncing up and down, or in and out, or side to side.
I know we’ve told you this before, but it is a new year and people think they should work out more this time of year – the whole resolutions thing. Really, you should work out all year round – and protect the girls while you do it!

No excuses ladies! If you can afford one great sports bra, you can rinse it out in Woolite after each workout and wear it again. Wash it in the shower as you shower after your workout, and it will be ready 20 hrs later for your next high intensity bounce-around of choice.

Seriously, I care about boobs. Yours, mine, the lady from the park – all the ladies out there. And to keep them pretty and perky, do yourself a favor, get rid of the compression bras that hardly compress, and get an incapsulation bra that caresses each booby gently to your body as you workout. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Learn more about the features your best sports bra will have here.

You’ll even find running to be easier! I swear! I am living proof of this!
My Sports Bra of choice?
Freya Active.
(You know this if you’ve read this post.)
It wicks away sweat, and I run for 3 miles without feeling my boobs bounce once. It keeps them high and dry, which will keep my boobies better longer. It comes in underwire or soft cup. And it comes up to size 38H. Yes, E – F – G – H!?

If you’re a bra retailer and you think you have a better sports bra, send me one and I’ll run 2 miles in it and let you know what I think. My address and email address are here.

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