Dear Designer,

To whom it may concern when designing Point of Sale materials for bra companies:

Make it easy for shoppers to see sizes.

I was bra shopping with my daughter this weekend. This meant not steering myself to my favorite brands and styles, but rather finding her size in a large range of brands and a variety of styles to help her discover her best fit.

Some brands, like Maidenform, make it so easy to find sizes. When you have a rack with a bunch of bras bumping in to each other, and you can simply look for the gold colored tag if you’re an A cup, or green tag if you’re a C cup, that is very helpful. And if the store arranges them on the shelf with the 32 on the bottom on up to 38+ on top, that is pretty darn simple.

No one wants to have to dig inside the bra to find the size. No one wants to flip little tags around to check for sizes. I love when the hangers themselves have a plastic ring with the size on it, and I don’t have to look at the tag at all to find the size.

But then some companies do this:

sorry it's blurry, took it with my phone...

Not only did I have to look at each bra on the rack and flip the tag around – but then I had to borrow my Grandmother’s reading glasses to try to find the size. See, I helped you with that nice, big, red arrow. But that was Photoshop. Honestly, the picked over clearance rack was easier to navigate than the rack these bras were on.

In conclusion, designer, you can increase sales if people can find their size on the product. Design like this that does not have the consumer in mind leads me to walk away and find another brand.

And if you really want to stay top of mind with your customer base, I save the cool looking long, skinny tags to use as bookmarks. And any tag with a sticker on it gets saved by teens. And if the tag (or tagless print) inside the bra can still be read after it’s been washed and worn for 6 months, then we’ll know exactly which bra it was that we love so much and be able to easily buy another one.

In the end, we bought this in royal blue:

Maidenform Custom Lift Satin Demi Bra

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