Blue Berry Maternity / Nursing Bra

Today’s product review is by a guest author, my good friend Maryanne, who is a new mom nursing her adorable little girl, and having trouble finding pretty, functional nursing bras. We hooked her up with Cake Lingerie, specialists in beautiful maternity and nursing lingerie.

The look on the hanger: By far, one of the most beautiful bras I’ve ever owned. Absolutely gorgeous. It looked very well-made, expensive, and sexy.

The fit: The Blue Berry Bra did fit true to size, but this bra has lots of extra padding that I find unnecessary. When you add in nursing pads it just seems like too much. This bra unfortunately was not at all comfortable on me. It dug in on the rib cage around the entire torso. I kept fidgeting and trying to readjust it to feel better.

Wearing the bra: I had a difficult time finding summer shirts that I could actually wear this bra under because of the contrast of white and blue in the print. It could not be worn under most of my t-shirts regardless of color. I do have two t-shirts that are made of thicker cotton and those worked. I guess it would work better under heavier winter-season items.

Function: I was able to fasten and unfasten the nursing hook with one hand with this bra. It washed well.

Overall: I was truly hoping this bra would have had a better fit because I thought it was so pretty and since I feel nursing is not the most glamorous thing to do, I would have felt a little more sexy underneath.

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  1. Love an honest review. I could use some more nursing bras soon. I’m off to search your site for good ones.

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