Cake Lingerie Licorice Bra

Our pregnant friend reviewed the Cake Lingerie Licorice Bra just for expecting and nursing mommies.  It’s often hard to find pretty maternity and nursing bras. Cake is one of the top names for sexy maternity underwear! Although their website is a bit hard to use, it’s worth it. They know pregnant bodies! We’ve shared some of their other products in the past. Here’s what our friend Gayle thought about the new, lace-trimmed Licorice bra

Look on the hangar:

This bra is beautiful!! No other way to say it. I have spent most of my pregnancy feeling the exact opposite of sexy and just having this bra in my drawer made me feel like I could still be sexy. I actually (and Rachel will attest to this) put off trying it out for the longest time because I wanted wearing it to be perfect – like a first date!

The Fit/Feel:

Like most first dates, things started off really well. The bra looks amazing on – supportive and lacy all at the same time. The matching panties are a perfect balance of coverage and sexy – perfect for my larger-than-normal behind which doesn’t seem to look quite right in a thong-style panty.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day the bra was incredibly annoying in one area – so much so that I spent the last few hours at work tugging at it every time I was alone. Turns out, the bra’s bit of lace is hemmed between the cups, so there is a small rough seam right in the middle of the ribcage. As anyone who has been pregnant knows, the area right in the middle of your ribcage gets a lot of irritation by third trimester since your belly is trying to expand that little area out of the way to have more room to grow. The band is quite supportive, but since that part is – well – expanding, the itchy lace seam dug into my ribs right at that spot, leaving me uncomfortable.

I don’t feel like this bra is a lost-cause, though. I think it is more of a special occasion bra. I can wear it for a couple of hours out to dinner instead of all day at work. Although my husband suggested I sew a piece of soft fabric over that area to be able to wear it more often. I think that means he really liked the way it looked!

Learn how you can receive a free Cake Lingerie bra during their Mother’s Day special, here.

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