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cakechocolateToday we have a guest review written by my friend Sharon. We were asked by Cake lingerie, creators of fashionable maternity lingerie like nursing bras, sleepwear, underwear & more, to review one of their latest products: the Cake Lingerie Dark Chocolate Bra. Although I am normally a huge fan of dark chocolate cake, I am not pregnant or nursing, so I had a pregnant friend help me out with the product review. She is larger than a 34D pre-pregnancy, and had not been measured since expanding over the past few months. She received a free bra/panty set, the opinions are all her own. Here’s what she had to say:

The Look on the Hanger:

I received the bra & panties and I must say that the set is very pretty… prettier in person than on the website!  For me, this is not an “everyday” bra just because I don’t like lace and details to show through the shirt I’m wearing – but I’m weraing lightweight clothes in Florida weather. If I were in sweaters it might be a different story…

The Fit:

I used the Cake online fit guide for US sizes.  I was really impressed with the fit guide and was excited to see how the size recommended for me would turn out.  Unfortunately, when I received the bra, it was much too small.  As I’m still pregnant and growing (which was taken into consideration via the fit guide), I really like the fact that there are 6 hook positions on the back of the bra – but sadly, there is no room for expansion for me in the bra size I ordered.  The cups are also much too small.  As this is my first pregnancy, maybe it’s that I just didn’t know better – and that’s why I relied on the fit guide.  If I were to order this again, I’d probably just order it 2-sizes larger than my normal size.

How It Washed:

I have washed it once (hand-wash was recommended) and it is holding up just fine.


I really like this bra. It’s beautiful! I hope I can get more wear out of it after I give birth and my size changes again.  I would recommend it to others – but would warn them that it runs SMALL.

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