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Check out the new revolution in bras – perforated bra pads with holes to allow for air circulation around the breast area. BreezeComfort Bras are designed to provide maximum comfort, breathability, and support. And read on to find out how you can save on these bras today!

ventibraTraditional padded bras may be made from moisture wicking fabric, but the foam filler is from materials which prevent the evaporation of perspiration. The Ventipad found in BreezeComfort Bras has perforations throughout the padding, which allows the passage of air and moisture in the area around the chest. The result is a truly breathable, high performance garment with less moisture and heat. Being cool and dry means you’ll stay comfortable!

The sports bra I tried is the Mountain View Sports Bra in Silver/Black with removable Ventipad inserts. It has a racerback with keyhole opening. Unique adjustable hooks with 3 holes along the sides of the bra allow a customized fit and easy take-off when sweaty. 92% polyester / 8% spandex

The look on the Hanger: 10/10 This bra is cute and sporty. It’s available in fun colors – burgundy, silver and pink – all with black trim.

The Fit: The biggest drawback is that the bra comes in Small-Medium-Large sizes. I wear a 34D and tried the medium. It would probably fit a 34DD and 36D as well. I think it is made roomier than the sizing chart lead me to believe. I am not rating the fit because I probably should try the small also before doing so.

The ventilated pads added a bit of modesty without adding a size. The seams on the front are not flat, so it doesn’t hide completely under shirts, but when I work out I could care less about that.

The Feel: 8/10 This bra is comfortable. The fabric is a soft tech material. Although the bra looks great, I would not recommend it to a runner who doesn’t like to wear shirts, because the hooks on the sides leave a loop of fabric that would probably rub against the inside of your arm. On the other hand, these little hooks allow you to adjust the band size in a unique way, and let you make the band of the bra about 3 inches larger if you unhook them completely, so you can easily pull the bra over your head (and over your ponytail) after your workout. It sure beats a sweaty bra sliding up your face!

I wish the front of the bra came up .5-1 ” higher so when I am on the ground for something like planks or pushups I feel less exposed.

Overall: 8/10 This is a great sports bra that I will wear frequently for weight training, yoga, pilates, and other low-to-medium impact workouts. With a tighter fit I would also run in this bra, but it is a bit too roomy for me to do that. I put it in the washer and dryer (although I don’t recommend that, it was just part of my test.) It came out in great shape, no shrinking, and the pads popped out during washing but didn’t disappear in my washer.

Soon I’ll try the Breeze Comfort BASIC padded push up and tell you all about it! In the meantime, now until Mar 31, use discount code “reviewreader” to get a FREE sports bra with purchase of any 2 BASIC or 2 BASIC push-up bras.

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