Breezecomfort Brings HOPE

It’s Oct! There is a lot we celebrate here on Intimate Guide in October:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Pajama Month
  • Halloween

We’d like to start this incredible month with a Thank YOU to Breezecomfort for supporting one of our favorite charities – My Hope Chest. My Hope Chest is the only national nonprofit that helps uninsured breast cancer survivors obtain reconstructive surgery. This surgery is often the final step in breast cancer treatment, but many women without insurance can’t afford the surgery and live years without one or both breasts. We help My Hope Chest so that we can help Bring Boobies Back! Many breast cancer charities help with education and research, but the mission behind My Hope Chest is unique and helps women who are dealing with this threat RIGHT NOW.

Have you ever heard of a Lopsided Showgirl?

Wear your pink bras & get checked by a doctor every year!

The Founder of My Hope Chest, Alisa Savoretti, was a Vegas Showgirl who had breast cancer and returned to the stage just a few months after chemo – MINUS ONE BREAST! She stuffed her costumes and carried on, and vowed to help other women stuck in the same boat.

If you or someone you know is living without a breast due to falling through the cracks of breast cancer treatment, you can join the My Hope Chest wait list. If you are lucky enough to be healthy and ready to help a great cause, please donate to My Hope Chest today!

Back to Breezecomfort… our gracious supporter… They make some of the most comfortable bras because they have perforated pads that breathe while you wear them! From sports bras to tshirt bras, Breezecomfort knows what it takes to keep you comfy and cool.I wear their Mountain View sports bra to yoga class all the time. I love that it has adjustable hook closures on the sides so it’s easier to pull my sweaty bra off over my head without feeling gross. The low-V front is very flattering.

Here’s how you can experience Breezecomfort and help My Hope Chest:



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