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Rachel, what fabric is best for a breathable Sports Bra?
- Gina M., Philadelphia

Sports bras are a necessity for any woman who likes to get a little active. Whether you’re hitting the gym regularly, undertaking a brisk evening stroll to work off a few cake calories, or are an all out athlete, having a good fitting sports bra is essential. However, simply finding a good fit in itself is not always enough. Finding a sports bra made from breathable fabric will keep you cleaner and cooler.

Ensure that you get a top quality product so that your skin can breathe while you’re working out. This will reduce the amount of sweat soaking your clothes and resulting rapid body heat loss which can make staying warm very hard. (When your clothing becomes wet its efficiency as insulation drops off dramatically.) Meanwhile, a build up of sweat on the skin can also cause acne and rashes; not a problem you want around intimate areas.

Breathable fabrics have made real progress over the past few years! With the development of new fabrics, manufacturers have managed to create materials which will remove sweat from the skin as its produced, offering greater breathability. Coolmax, Wickaways and Supplex are all breathable fabrics which use the latest weaving technologies to allow your skin to air. Coolmax in particular can be a great fabric because it is designed to keep you cool by creating a thin strip of air between your skin and the garment, allowing evaporation to occur. It’s the same fabric many runners have for their shirts and socks. You’ll feel much more comfortable in a Coolmax lined sports bra! Supplex has a high ‘wicking’ content, which allows it to draw sweat away from the skin. It is a nylon fabric so it is easy to care for, needs little ironing or maintenance, and has great durability. Microfiber is found in many sportswear items as it is highly breathable in addition to being easy to care for.

My favorite sports bra, the Freya Firm Control Underwire Sports Bra, is made from Coolmax. This extreme-support sports bra with Coolmax fabric, dries 5 times faster than cotton sports bras, and wicks moisture away from the body. The full coverage encapsulation style helps prevent damage to your breast tissue during high-impact activities, so you can wear this fur running and trampoline bouncing without issue. There is a reathable “V” shaped panel between the cups for maximum cooling and separation. Inside each 3-section, underwire cup is a U-shaped inner sling of fabric to surround the breast tissue for maximum support and motion control. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort. This bra comes in a few different colors, and up to an H CUP! It also has a matching panty.

The Natori Convertible Underwire Performance Sports Bra is smooth and seamless with 2 fabric layers of breathable Coolmax and Lycra to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. It is a combination compression and encapsulation sports bra great for medium-impact workouts. (If you need to know what that means, read our sports bra article.) Two-ply stabilized lining is built into the front straps to provide extra support while controlling breast movement during exercising and running. In the back the straps are adjustable and convertible from classic style to criss-cross. The 3 darted seams under each cup help to minimize bounce. Even the back offers extra support and a smooth look with a leotard style. The pliable underwire of this bra moves with you and minimizes movement.

When choosing a sports bra, you should always look for one that has been manufactured to be breathable.
Some fabrics also contain sun protection to shade your skin from UVB and UVA rays if you exercise outside.

Finding a breathable and well fitting sports bra can really aid your performance. You’ll stay warm and dry, and be able to relax into your exercise without becoming irritated or embarrassed at your sweatiness. And with advancing technology providing better products, and great deals to be found online at places such as Couponcactus, you could have a great breathable sports bra in no time at all.

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  1. Trainer says:

    Sort of embarrassing, but I have pierced nipples. They need air and room or they get gross and painful. I need a sports bra (I’m a personal trainer) that doesn’t compress the Ladies and lets air circulate (it’s about air not wicking).

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