Breast Oasis Bra Recycling Program


Breast Oasis is a growing non-profit organization with the mission of collecting bras through a bra recycling program, and distributing them to women in need, and further educating women about proper breast health care.

Breast Oasis was founded by Ohio based plastic surgeon Dr. John Pedersen upon his
realization that many breast surgery patients were throwing away perfectly good bras following their procedures. In 2009, Dr. Pedersen and his team created Breast
Oasis as an outlet for women to connect with one another and help those in need by donating their gently used bras.

brasbloomiesTo make a bra contribution, you can find a Breast Oasis drop box nationwide and an online outlet here. New and gently used donated bras are collected, inspected, laundered, packaged into gift bags and then distributed to women in need across the United States.

Breast Oasis has collected over 135,000 bras and has provided donations to battered women’s shelters, teen shelters and rape crisis centers nationwide. Some of these centers include The Women’s Shelter of Akron, Ohio; Rockford Rescue Mission in Rockford, Illinois; Children of the Night in Los Angeles County and The Center Against Domestic Violence in New York City.

In addition to collecting and donating bras, Breast Oasis has also developed a breast health initiative that they share with women they encounter during their bra deliveries. Through this program, they are able to reach and educate many women on the importance of self breast examination and where to find resources if they do not have access to appropriate breast health care.

Breast Oasis donations are identified with a unique number called the bra identification number or B.I.N. This number allows bra donors to anonymously provide words of encouragement for eventual recipients online at The recipient, in turn can use this same number to respond back to the donor. This provides a unique method for women to connect with and support each other on a one to one basis, anonymously.

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  1. Jen says:

    I love this idea! I have a couple bras just sitting in my closet. I’m going to donate them!

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