Bra Chain World Record – Cursed?

An attempt to break the world record for the longest bra chain was temporarily abandoned after the products became hopelessly tangled.

What exactly is a bra chain? Just like it sounds, a chain of interlocked bras – using the hooks of one in the eyes of another to string them together, but in this case constructed as a fundraising event for charity.

The 2nd Skin Bra Chain gang planned to hook together over a 100 miles worth of bras at Worcester Racecourse, in the English West Midlands, to raise money for the charities Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the Worcester breast cancer unit, and Women’s Aid, supporting victims of domestic violence.

The world record of 166,000 linked bras is currently held by Australia and it took them 3 years to collect ill-fitting and discarded bras. An estimated 200,000 bras were needed for Bra Chain to break the record, but volunteers quit after connecting just half that number.

Bra Chain’s Luna Walkers told Reuters: “We underestimated the time it would take to get the bras out of their boxes and hooked together – there were bras all over the place. After about nine hours of hooking them up, we decided to call it a day.”

I hear they will be making a second world record attempt and are still accepting donations of unwanted bras. I hope they also gather three times as many volunteers!

Walker says, “All that remains is to set a date.”

Karen Tomalin, managing director of 2nd Skin Lingerie, said: “Most women have bras that they either find uncomfortable or just don’t wear anymore that could be donated to this very special project. Several other women’s charities within the project will also benefit.”

What’s odd is that in November 2009, 2nd Skin Lingerie had a Bra Chain Gang that didn’t let the weather stop their first official bra count despite  flood water lapping up the parking lot outside Worcestershire County Cricket Club. In fact, that night 2,000 additional bras were donated to help with the attempt, with more arriving as the flood waters rose.

GirlGuiding NZ also tried a bra chain and were waylay-ed by a major September 4 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

Are bra chains cursed? Should old bras be put to better use?

If you are in the USA, and not bloody likely to ship your old, stretched-out bras to the UK, we have another idea for you. Soma Intimates is hosting a Drive to collect Bra Donations for women in need. Their beautiful lingerie boutiques across the country have put together “Giving is Beautiful,” a nationwide charity initiative to collect new and gently used bras for women in need.

Your bra donations can be dropped off at Soma Intimates boutiques across the country NOW through August 14, 2011. For those unable to get to a Soma boutique, a mail-in option is provided with details at

Bras are one of the least donated but most needed items by women who are homeless or victims of domestic violence. It’s such a small and easy thing to donate, but it truly makes a big difference to women who are experiencing financial or emotional hardship.

Soma’s bra donations will directly impact communities where the bras are donated. Each Soma Intimates boutique works with women’s shelters and other charitable organizations in its own region to help women in need in that area. Soma also uses this initiative to help women who have lost personal items in the wake of destruction from natural disasters.

What’s more, any non-wearable donations are sent to The Bra Recyclers, a textile recycling organization that ensures no bra ends up in a landfill.

First launched in July 2010, this marks the third bra donation initiative for Soma Intimates. To-date the retailer has collected more than 68,000 bras to help women in need across the country. Their goal is to collect 150,000 bras by next year. Please help spread the word, and donate today!

Plus, how many women in need will Soma “support?” Enter the “Bra Guessing Contest” to guess how many bras will be collected this season to win a $500 gift card!

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