Bra-blem Solvers

by Kim Olenicoff, edited by Rachel LeRoy of Intimate Guide

Bras solve many problems. They provide lift and support – preventing the girls from uncomfortable jiggling and looking like gravity is winning, provide discreteness, and they can even serve as extra storage spaces! But unfortunately they can create problems, like slipping straps, shoulder divots and back rolls. Don’t sit back and deal with it – take matters into your own hands and make your bras more comfortable! Here are 4 solutions for some top bra-blems.

Bra-blem #1: Size Variation
For women who gain and lose weight in the bust line, have 2 different sized breasts, or have outfits that need to be filled out, something adjustable is in order. Yoobies are Boobies YOU control. They are new patented, inflatable bra inserts that are independently adjustable, so you can fill one side up more than the other or add some cleavage to transition from business hour to happy hour with just the press of a button. And they are as light as air, so you can say bye-bye to heavy silicone weighing you down.

Bra-blem #2: Shoulder Divots
For women who wear plus-sized bras, keeping your girls holstered all day long can cause wear and tear on your shoulders and may even show up as depressions in the shoulder area. Shoulder Savers are silicone pads that lay atop the shoulder to add cushion to bra straps. They also help keep straps in place. Just attach with the velcro loop, and go!

Bra-blem #3: Strap Mania
No one wants to see your dingy bra straps. Period. There are a few ways to be sure yours are hidden. The cheapest and easiest way is to clip them back using Strap Trap, a small plastic clip that holds bra straps flat in your mid-back area. It can turn ordinary straps into a racerback style bra. It also provides your cleavage with a little extra perk. Taping them in place with fashion tape is also a possibility. Quick Fix Sticks, which are made in the USA using FDA-approved-for-skin-contact adhesive, can keep straps in place, and can fix a fallen hem (or hem anything for those of us who don’t sew.). A luxury solution is to swap out your old straps for L-Straps, made of Swarovski crystals and silk. They attach to most strapless or convertible bras and instantly transform tacky bra straps into elegant accessories. We at Intimate Guide usually go with the old fashioned solution of buying one of the best strapless bras around.

Bra-blem #4: Back Attack
For those articles of clothing that reveal a little too much bra back, you can test the limits and go braless, or try Low Expectations, a strap that attaches to each side of your bra band and wraps around your stomach, pulling the back of the bra down lower so that you can wear those cute little backless fashions.

You can find more fashion solutions on the Solutions That Stick website. This Irvine-based, all-women company develops, manufactures and markets fashion and beauty solutions that make life easier. They carry the Garment Guard™ – the original disposable underarm shield. Newer additions to the line are: Knicker Sticker™ disposable adhesive underwear; White Collar Grime™ disposable collar and hat protectors, Quick Fix Sticks™ adhesive wardrobe remedies; Pocksie™ temporary sticky pockets; and Drip Strips™ bottle drool absorbers. Founder Kim Leone Olenicoff offers all types of solutions on and on the Solutions That Stick YouTube channel.

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  1. kseay says:

    I used to be a lingerie saleswoman at a chain department store and constantly saw women who believed that they had ‘problem’ boobs. They all claimed no bras fit right, were comfortable, nor had proper straps. However, after properly sizing each woman, I was always able to find a comfortable, supportive, even attractive bra to fit them no matter their size, shape or preference. Their favorites? Vanity Fair bras, hands down.

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