Better Measure – for bras of all sizes!

If you are a D cup or larger, this is BIG NEWS!

If you are a C cup or smaller… scroll down for other BIG NEWS!, the online intimate apparel store, announced yesterday the launch of its revolutionary Universal Cup Sizing™ feature. This quick, easy to use feature on their web site will give full-busted and full-figured women a helpful new way to shop online for their favorite bra styles.

All the brand sizes available at HerRoom, whether from USA or Europe, are now related to one another and they have an online “universal cup size” across all brands. You can then select from the webpage’s improved drop down size menu and make bra purchases knowing your selections will fit like the same size, even if the tag says differently!

Some bras seem to be built for petite bodies, even if the size is larger. Some brands have a DDD and some skip to E. How can you find a comfortable fit without spillage or digging? The Universal Cup Sizing™ feature! It’s so easy:

1. Choose a size and brand of a bra you have that fits great

2. You’ll not only see a Universal Cup Size displayed just for you, but then you can easily click through to see bras JUST OF THAT SIZE. Then you won’t see a photo you love and find out it is not available in your size.

While bra BAND sizing (The number) is universal across all bra brands, bra cup sizing (the letter) larger than a D cup is not. This problem arose when European, foreign and many U.S. brands came up with proprietary cup naming conventions as woman’s needs for larger bra cup sizing increased in demand over the years.

“Bra shopping can be a distressing and confusing experience; however, the Universal Cup Sizing™ feature I came up with for HerRoom solves the conflict and gives a woman confidence that the bra size she is choosing in any brand – popular to designer brands – will be the right size,” commented Tomima Edmark, lingerie & undergarment expert and founder of HerRoom. “We are paving the way towards revolutionizing the bra industry and by unveiling this new feature we’ve provided accurate information needed to make important purchasing decisions. Women can trust HerRoom as the online retailer in … consistent cup sizing across all brands.”

The Universal Cup Sizing™ feature is a result of years of thorough research – from understanding consumers to design teams and manufacturers – which have enabled HerRoom to provide a more simplified way for women to purchase a “true” size and fit of their favorite bra brands. Through the convenience of the Universal Bra Sizing™ feature and a personalized online experience, women will now be able to identify one size – the true bra size across all brands.

If you test it out, please share your thoughts with us on how easy & accurate you feel it is!

FUN FACT: Tomima Edmark, the Founder and CEO of Herroom, is also the creator of the wildly famous hair accessory – Topsy Tail!

On the other hand…

according to “Eve” of Eve’s Apples Lingerie – The Small Bra Specialists, traditional bra fitting systems don’t work for women with smaller breasts.

“Most bra-measurement systems don’t take into account breast shape, tissue, and placement on the chest,” says Eve. “So women with petite and small breasts often guess their bra size and end up wearing ill-fitting bras with cups that are too small and bands that are too big.”

The Custom Bra Consultation on  Eve’s Apples helps petite-busted women find their true bra size. They say it’s a “It’s a one-of-a-Kind, online Bra Fit Tool with a Never Seen Before Custom Bra Consultation for Women that gives Immediate Results.” If you wish you had a custom bra consultation years ago, try this online right at home. “It takes the guess work out of finding a bra size. And it helps women understand why they’ve been having specific issues with getting a good fit all these years. The response was overwhelming,” says Eve. “Within a couple of months, I couldn’t keep up with the countless requests for bra fittings.”

The goal? To create an online system that takes the specialized methods that Eve does during her personalized, online fittings and give these customized responses to as many women as possible.

The result? A FREE, online bra fitting tool that provides a 1–5 page report that is customized for each woman that fills out the form.

Upon receipt of the immediate results, women are often surprised to discover that the best fitting bras feature larger cups and smaller bands than they’ve worn all their lives. Of her bra-fitting experience with Eve’s Apples’ Custom Bra Consultation, one customer replied: “I had no idea I should be wearing a 32C! I’ve been wearing a 36B (believed I actually was a 36A!!) since high school.”

Regarding the online process, she writes, “The online consultation benefit is the BEST. For years, I’ve been planning to go to some high-end department store to be fitted and to learn my true bra size. With a job, two kids, and the chaos of life in general, I’ve just never found the time — and quite honestly, I’ve felt a little silly and self-conscious about bearing my tiny little apples!”

Expanding upon their commitment to help small-busted women feel as alluring as their busty counterparts, Eve’s Apples Lingerie believes the Custom Bra Consultation will achieve positive results, including:

  • Providing personalized and immediate results for FREE
  • Increasing the number of women who get fitted professionally by offering an at-home solution
  • Empowering women to understand and appreciate their bodies
  • Help women shop for their correct bra size

By lending her personal expertise to the bra fitting process, Eve is taking great strides towards making Eve’s Apples Lingerie the most personalized, intimate lingerie shopping experience for women available. She is currently developing her own brand for petite and small-busted women, be sure to look for it in 2013!

For now, women can take advantage of Eve’s personal consultation at:


Ask the experts at Bloomies!

A new Intimate Apparel Guide will be in Bloomingdale’s stores nationwide the week of April 21. Highlights of the book include:

Bra-Tannica:  Everything you always wanted to know about underwear (but never knew who to ask). From questions regarding  how to know when it’s time to throw away a bra, to how to wash it, to the ever important “BBF” (Bra Best Friend – that you can find at Bloomingdale’s@) – it’s just one of the “must reads” in the book.

Bra Recommendations Based On Your Style or Mood – The Sexy Bra (if you’re always in “the mood”!), The Push-Up Bra (for those needing a btit of a lift), to the underwire bra (for those in a more “natural” mood), etc. – all from the top designers like Simone Perele, B.Tempt’d, Miss Studio By La Perla, Le Mystere, and so many more!

And that’s not all! The book also has fashionable suggestions on flirty undies, sexy shapewear, magic solutions – like Breast Petals, Strap Solutions and more!

The book also tells you how you can earn points for every dollar you spend at Bloomies on undies and more – so you can earn gift cards to treat yourself again later. And gives the intimate details on the all new Bloomingdale’s Bra Club.

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