Barely There Invisible look lift underwire bra

barely there underwire padded braMy everyday tshirt bra was losing elasticity in the band and getting those weird wrinkles. Since I know that the band of a bra provides the support, I thought I’d buy myself a new T-shirt bra as a holiday gift to me.

The Barely There invisible look bra collection has seamless, soft bras that provide great support. I’ve worn panties and camis from this brand and enjoyed the fit and longevity enough to now try a bra. I bought the Barely There Invisible Look Lift Underwire Bra.

The Look on the hanger: 9 out of 10. This is your basic, everyday T-shirt bra. It’s not fancy or flirty – mine is nude and plain. The point being it won’t show under clothes of all fabrics and colors. This one has graduated foam in the cups to create a natural curved look with extra lift. It doesn’t look like a pokey bullet bra that has your boobs up way too high – it looks great!

The Fit: 9 out of 10. Having never worn a bra from this line before, and because I ordered online and did not try it on, I asked for the size I was most recently fitted as (34D). It fits great in the band and the cups. Normally you should wear the band on the loosest hook and move it in as the elastic ages (every 3-4 months), but I know I am a 34 and almost, but not quite, a 32, so I am able to wear this 34 on the center hook for a snug fit. For some reason the left side does show a line at the top of the cup under tight shirts. It may be my own un-even-ness (you know, the big side and the small side…) The straps are a bit wide, so they don’t dig in to my shoulders. They are also a bit wide set, so if you are very petitie (in width, not height) this might not be the right bra for you.

The Feel: 10 out of 10. This fabric is soft, cool, and comfortable. The bra is tagless which I like a lot. The cups moved with me well and didn’t squeak. The band attaches on the inside in a way I’ve never seen in a bra, but it is comfortable. There is also a nice extra curve up at the center gore.

Overall: 9 out of 10. This will be my new everyday bra – I can tell! I’ll have to see if the left cup line changes when my cycle changes – when my breast size fluctuates. Maybe next week it won’t even be there. I recommend this bra to anyone over size 4.

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