Bare Necessities wardrobe giveaway!

Did you know that if you stretched 5 million bras end-to-end (or, hook-to-hook), it would extend from New York City all the way to Salt Lake City?

So says Bare Necessities, one of our favorite online lingerie stores. Bare Necessities is just days away from selling its 5 millionth bra, and they’ve shared some fun factoids with us from all those bras sold. Besides that icky mall store, no online lingerie store is larger than (it says so in Internet Retailer’s list of Top 500 retail websites), so they have a nationwide perspective that spans all fashion sensibilities and price points.

Most common bra size?
That would be 36C.

Average bra size?
A 36DD.

Average price of a bra?
Well, before Oprah declared the $69 Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra her favorite bra back in 2005, it was $28.90. Now, the average price is a full $10 more, at $38.90. Not surprisingly, the Dream Tisha bra is Bare Necessities’ top bra of all time (see their top-12 best bras of all time).

The Giveaway

To commemorate the occasion, Bare Necessities is giving away five $1000 bra and lingerie wardrobes, with the ability to enter the contest on as well as on their Facebook page. To provide some inspiration as to how you could spend $1000 on lingerie (as if you needed any!), they’ve enlisted a panel of stylists, authors and TV personalities to share with you how they would spend $1000 on lingerie.

It’s only fitting that the 5 millionth bra will be sold during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Bare Necessities is making a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® for every bra sold during the month of October, with a minimum donation of $10,000. What’s so special about this campaign is that the donation is tied to the sale of ALL bras, not just a pink one or a special limited edition item. (And 2011 marks the 10th consecutive year in which Bare Necessities has made contributions to a breast cancer research or awareness organization.)

To check out the sweepstakes, “celebrity” wardrobes and the top bras of “all time”, visit In the meantime, here are some of the top bras sold on Bare Necessities:

#1 Le Mystere Dream Tisha

#5 Wacoal Bodysuede Ultra Underwire Bra

#6 Felina Harlow Full Busted Bra

#7 SPANX Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Front Close Underwire

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