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(Originally published 9-28-2012)

I like to get support from my bra. I am a lined or padded underwire t-shirt bra girl. And because I wear the right size, my bras are usually comfortable. I don’t pull them off through my sleeve while at a red light on the way home from work like I was caught doing way-back-when.

Anyway, I had heard all about the Ahh Bra when it first blew through the roof with HSN sales a couple years ago. And Rhonda Shear, who created it, lives near me. But because I am not drawn to this style of bra, I did not try it.

Then I was offered a free trial. Well, hey, I’ll try anything once for free! I was very surprised when my package arrived with one Ahh bra, one Ahh Generation bra removable padding, a plunge “VaVaVoom” Push-Up Bra with removable pads, and a “Sweet Tart” Butterknit Lace Shelf Tank Gown.

Rhonda, who used to host USA’s Up All Night if you’re a little older than me, invented the Ahh bra to solve problems she was seeing in the bra market. It promises, “No more poking, prodding, itching or scratching.”

I’ll admit, the Ahh Generation bra did not poke, prod, itch or scratch. I’ve worn it to yoga class many times, and while spending a day flying cross-country from CA to Fla. It doesn’t give the same perky shape of a traditional t-shirt bra, but it doesn’t press and smash my girls like most sports bras. The fabric is super soft and comfortable, and although it has some stretch it wasn’t tight around my ribs or so loose that I was bouncing around. It’s almost like the Medium was made for my 34D’s. In fact, many of the reviews and comments I’ve read applaud this bra for women who are tiny but with large breasts, like a 34DD, or 32G.

I like that the pads are removable. This gives the wearer some options in terms of fit, and also helps the bra dry faster when hanging on a line. (I machine washed the bra, but did NOT put it in the dryer. I never put bras in the dryer.) The pads come out from a little slit-like pocket near the outside top of each cup. You can see a photo here. I did have a little trouble with the band under my bust folding up when I was sitting on the airplane for a long time. But that could have something to do with my figure, and not just the bra. I never claimed to be model thin!

I also love the purple color. It’s almost plum but not too dark. And the regular Ahh bra without the pads is a deep teal color. Both colors are pretty enough that they can peek out of my top if I want a layered-look. The Original, Authentic Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear was the WINNER of the 2011 & 2012 UNDIE AWARD for Best Leisure Bra, it was also voted BEST PRODUCT on HSN in 2012.

The features of the bra include: full coverage, seamless fabrication with 4-way stretch, V-neckline, wide non-adjustable straps, ribbed band under bust for comfortable support, ruching at center front, smoothing back, no underwire, no hook & eyes. There is an underwire version available, too.

Rhonda is also a supporter in the fight against breast cancer. You can help her team for American Cancer Society’s Making Strides walk here. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and after reconstruction surgery had to wear a wire-free bra for at least a year. The Ahh bra was a great match for her, and she loved all the colors it came in so she wasn’t stuck with nude all the time. When asked about her support for this cause, Rhonda said, “I’m helping women with breast cancer. I’m giving them a bra that makes them feel great again. That’s just huge. As much as I love being adored by young, cute boys from my “Up All Night” years, I love giving back to women. I was Spokesperson and Chairperson for the Cancer Society in my community. I love giving them something that works with their bodies and helps them, because I think ‘the girls’ are empowering to women. They are a symbol of our womanhood and our sexuality and our sensuality.”

Rhonda says, “The original, authentic Ahh Bra will always be comfortable because we use high quality yarns, dyes and trims to ensure the product will fit and look like new. The Ahh Bra has been in the Rhonda Shear line for almost a decade and we have continued to perfect each product through that time. If you love the Ahh Bra you may also love our other Ahh items including other bras, tanks, leggings, even shapewear in that smooth and seamless Ahh material!”

Rhonda has some bra advice for you:

1. Sleep in your bra, like Marilyn Monroe did. Shear said, “It’s a proven fact that it will keep the girls up much longer, no matter what you sleep in. We don’t want them flopping at night. We want them up and perky because it’s the foundation for the rest of your life. As we get older our bust changes. You lose the elasticity, so you always sleep in your bra. It helps the girls.”

2. Find out your correct bra size. Rhonda explained, “80% of women don’t know their bra size. I set out to literally uplift all women. It’s so easy.”

3. Be bulge-free. “Your bra should fit directly across the center of your back,” said Shear. “You shouldn’t be spilling from underneath and should not have [arm] pit cleavage. You want everything nice and smooth.”

You can watch Shear on Extra! giving this advice and more here.

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  1. sharon says:

    Oh how comfortable! I’ll wear the bra everyday just for the comfort measure! And how attractive!!!

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