Who is Allegra Biscotti?

Today we have a book review from a Guest Blogger, 13 year old Alice. Alice is reviewing the Young Adult novel (this is what they call books for teens these days) The Allegra Biscotti Collection by Olivia Bennet. Here is Alice’s take on the fashion-focused paperback:

The Allegra Biscotti Collection is a book about a teenage girl, Emily, who takes on a fake name as a pretend fashion designer and is designing clothes using this name. Only her best friend knows (he’s a boy), and she is having a hard time producing designs. Which leads to the big question of the book, “How is a girl in middle school supposed to pull off a secret fashion career?”

What is good about the book: The book is more or less a page turner. Though it isn’t the absolute best book I have read, it is pretty decent. It isn’t extremely predictable, and the author developed a deep enough character that made me want to keep reading. The book is also illustrated in some margins with little fashion doodles to help make the clothes being described come to life.

The idea of a girl in middle school following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer is very sweet and inspiring. The whole middle school aspect of the book is very realistic too – the girl isn’t super popular, has a crush on a boy, loads of homework and friendship drama. These are all things the average teenage girl deals with (I should know…I live it every day!) It wasn’t a very challenging read, which makes it nice for a vacation or break from schoolwork.

I hope the book is part of a series because the ending is one that allows a sequel if the author wants to write one.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. It was a very nice read, and if it were part of a series I would most likely read the rest of the books. It is most appropriate for ages 10-14. It is due out in stores Nov 2010, or you can preorder on Amazon above. I would like lastly like to thank the author, Olivia Bennet, and illustrator, Georgia Rucker, for giving me an awesome summer read!

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