Believe It or Not

Find rare runway manifestations in the new book from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – “Enter If You Dare!” The book is a collection of unbelievable and amazing stories from around the world.

Some of the fashion items in the book include:

  • Trashy Lingerie: Designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch fashions stylish and colorful underwear from trash, such as soda cans, and although they might look incredibly uncomfortable, they are put together in an ingenious way. If you look closely at her bright-red bustier featured in close-up photos on page 206, you can see that slivers of shredded cola cans are carefully threaded through a wire frame.
  • Paper Dress – pg. 201: A woman got married in China wearing a dress made entirely out of paper. Designer Zhu Zhu took two and a half months to make the cotton paper dress for the bride, her best friend Sha Sha. We also saw paper dress wearing women at a graphic design conference where paper companies were featured in the expo hall.
  • Raw Talent: Jia Jem decided to make a stylish dress out of raw meats when she had nothing to wear to a friend’s party. She used salami because it’s thin and stays in one piece, and bacon because it looks meaty. She started with a basic thick cotton dress, layered the meat on top then covered it with a clear vinyl. The dress took her six hours to make and was refrigerated until it was time for the party.
  • Extra-Large Waist: Tunisian fashion designer Larbi Boukamha created a pair of pants that were equal to the height of a 22-story building. He worked eight hours a day for two whole months to make the oversized pants, which measured 164 ft in length, had a waist of 118 ft and used a mile of fabric. You may have also seen extra large pants that a prisoner smuggled out in on an episode of iCarly.
  • Master of Light and Shade: Artist Benjamin Shine in London created a portrait of Rembrandt using just one piece of black tulle fabric by intricately pleating and pressing the material. It took more than 200 hours to achieve the final result. You can see photos of the amazing art on page 200.
  • Hair Wear: Ioana Cioanca from Romania has made an entire wardrobe from her own hair. Now 72, she has used her hair to make a hat, a shawl, a skirt, a blouse, a raincoat, a pair of gloves, a purse and a handbag.

The book also features the strange and weird stories that are not fashion related which you would expect in a Ripley’s book – people who quickly eat massive amounts of red peppers, and man who makes art by squirting paint out of his eye, images of faces appearing on tiled floors, and a man whose memory only lasts for 2 days at a time – not unlike the movie 50 First Dates!

This type of book makes a great holiday gift for the tween and teen scene. They ooh and aah with their friends while hanging over the book like they would a school yearbook. From the shiny, holographic cover to the dramatic double gatefolds which shed light on the shady world of vampires, create a tribute to the Coney Island sideshows, and unfold to a lifesize portrait of tiny teenager Jyoti Amge who stands just 23 1/2 inches tall. You’ll find something strange to entertain and shock everyone!

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