“Check in” for savings at Ribbedtee.com

This is just a quick note for all of you holiday shoppers out there looking for some great tees and undershirts.  RibbedTee.com is having a “check in” promotion.  By “checking in” on their website, you can receive discounts of 30-50% off your order.

Each time you check in by clicking the giant check mark at the top of the website, you’ll get a unique and fun check in message.  Hidden in one of the first 28 messages will be a secret piece of trivia.  At the end of the promotion, you’ll get an email with a question that can be answered with the knowledge gained from this secret piece of trivia.  Everyone who answers that question correctly will be entered to win a $300 shipping spree at RibbedTee.com!

If you’re unfamiliar with RibbedTee, I’ll be doing full reviews on a few of their products in the next month.  For now, I can honestly say they’re some of the most comfortable undershirts I’ve ever owned.  So, get yourself some deep discounts while they’re available.  You can check in twice a day:


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