Yummie Tummie – not so yummy

yummie tummie camiI recently tried the Yummie Tummie Strappy T?in black. If you are not familiar with the brand Yummie Tummie, they create shapewear to give you a yummy looking tummy, and many of their new products are meant to be worn as clothes, not underwear. I wear camis under clothes a lot in the fall and winter, and as tanks in the summer. I tried the Long Length Yummie Tummie Strappy T as an alternative to the classic cami – one that would offer some slimming and shaping.

The Look on the hanger: 9 out of 10. The cami has silky trimming on the straps and neckline, which I like. The straps are adjustable. It’s long enough to tuck or wear out and cover the top of your pants, which I like. The seams where the shapewear starts and ends seem like cute detailing and don’t stand out as necessarily being shapewear.

The Fit: 0 out of 10. The fit is quite snug and pretty standard for shapewear. The spandex was not uncomfortable and did offer immediate slimming. But I had a BIG problem with this tank! The tag and literature on this product all say, “Elongated design, will not roll up,” but it rolled up on me the whole time I wore it. When I sat in the car on the way to Target, walking from the car through the parking lot, at least 3 times while I was in Target shopping…etc. It rolled above my navel (at least 6 inches!)and I was quite thankful I was wearing a cardigan over it! It might stay down when tucked in, but the point of this product is that you should not have to tuck it in.

The Feel: 5 out of 10. If you aren’t moving and just trying on this cami, it feels great. It?s smooth and soft on the outside and the inside, and the spandex is not too tight. The website says, “…made with a microfiber fabric that actually wicks moisture away, you will always feel cool and comfortable. And, it never, ever rolls or rides up. It is made with sleek yarns that do not cling, so you can wear it under anything.” It is cool, it is comfortable, it does not cling, but it DID ROLL UP to an embarrassing height.

Overall: 2 out of 10. I returned my Yummie Tummie and got a new t-shirt bra instead. I’ll wear it under my cheap, cotton camis (did you see the $2.50 cami sale at Forever 21?!) and keep up with my Fri morning ab class to keep my tummy yummy!

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  1. smoonbyu says:

    I too tried the yummie tummy in the past and had the same problems. I didn’t think any of them worked (spanx, lipo in a box, etc) until I came across the unbelieveabra at http://www.shapeez.com Their item needs to be sized differently than any bra or bra/camisole you currently own, but it is worth it, when you finally get a product that lives to its name. You can give new life in the clothes that you banished to the back of your closet until you loose ….lbs. You can wear the tightest tops and sweaters and still look as good from the back as the side or front. You don’t sweat in them either. Try the unbelievabra…it really works!

  2. RacheLeRoy says:

    I had better luck with the Unbelievabra too. You can read my review of their product here:

    My DREAM product would be the Unbelievabra with a style that looked more like a cami I could wear out, in black or white, made of something that wicks away moisture!

    Does anyone know of one of THOSE I can review?

  3. stacib says:

    Hi Rachel,
    The Unbelievabra LACEE LONG is the style you want! It’s our mean to be seen Lace Cami. It’s a bra (molded cups) concealed beautifully by scalloped lace.

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