When do you need a new bra?

On April 9, splendicity.com published an aritcle about the top 10 reasons to buy a new bra. Hallelujah! Spread the word girls!
We’ve been saying many of these things all along, and I will reiterate them today for you, because your breasts deserve it:
~ If your bra straps dig, cut, or slip – find a different bra. That one is not meant for your body. You can try the same bra in a different size, but chances are the bra is wider or narrower than your body is.
~ If the front center of the bra (gore) doesn’t lay flat against your body, it is not the right bra for you. Try on another one, you’ll find one that sits right on you.
~ The band of your bra should run under your breasts horizontally around your body. It should not swoop up between your shoulder blades. This is the most common problem women have and they don’t even realize they have it. Stand sideways in front of a mirror and if you are NOT wearing a low-back bra, your band should not curve upwards or downwards. If it does your band may be too large, or you may just need to tug it down after you latch it on. Why is this SO important? If your band goes up in back, your breasts go down in front, making your breast tissue carry the weight your bra is supposed to carry. Eventually you’ll sag all the time. No one wants that :(
~ Elastic breaks down. Keep that in mind. Most bras will last you 6 mos – 1 yr of good elastic time, and then the elastic breaks down. You can usually tell if you lay your bra down when you are not wearing it and the band seems wavy or puckered.
Splendicity.com makes a good point when they say you could “ruin your body and posture, in addition to the line of your clothes.” A hot outfit could look all wrong on you if you are wearing a bra that is past its prime!

Some great choices:
bali concealers bra
Full: Bali Concealers Underwire Bra (on sale now). A seamless, tagless, padded t-shirt bra with full cups made from stretch nylon. Concealer petals in cups to prevent nipple show-through. Sheer mesh back wings. Up to size 44DD.

lily push up bra
Evening: When your bra needs to hide under a dramatic outfit, try the Lily of France Extreme Plunge Push-up Underwire Bra. This seamless bra with demi cups (not full coverage) has a plunging front to hide under low cut pieces. Push-up pads create dramatic cleavage. Converts to criss-cross. Darling logo charm in center.

barely there wireless
Basic: Barely There Invisible Look Convertible Wire-free Bra (on sale now). This wireless T-shirt bra is seamless, tagless and has molded, soft cups of microfiber to provide shaping and support. Thin foam lining prevents show-through. Cute keyhole cut out of center gore. Convertible to criss-cross.

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