Valentine’s Day Fashion Advice

Celebrity stylist gen bellGuest Post by Miami-based celebrity stylist Gen Bell

Valentine’s Day is the day to show off your sexy side, remind your loved one what you are rocking beneath your sweats, or catch the eye of a new admirer. For some, personal style comes easy – but not everyone is born a natural fashionista. For those lovely ladies who may need a little help, I offer these tips to impress your loved one or snag a new boyfriend.

My best dressed tips for Valentine’s Day:

Black Bow’s Rumour plunge push-up bra. Also available in pink, berry, black and grey.

1) Make sure all your pieces fit your body type well. The right fit creates the best silhouette. (Intimate Guide note: This starts from the bottom up – with no visible panty line and a properly fitting bra with the right cut for your outfit.)

2) Everyone wears red on Valentine’s Day. Avoid this cliché color to keep from blending with the crowd. Instead, a little black dress paired with red accents can go a long way.

3) If you must wear red… save it for your lingerie.

4) Dress appropriately for the date activity. If you are going on a casual date such as bowling, put on your best fitting jeans with a sexy top. If you are going on a romantic date, heels are a must – whether high heeled boots or stilettos, heels elongate your legs.

HUE L Original Corduroy Jeans Leggings in Berry

5) Pair your outfit with a fun trend such as an iridescent clutch, belt or shoes. Or rock a full floral skirt with a form fitting top.

6) Don’t reveal too much. The best way to lure interest is to leave a little to the imagination.

7) Be confident in whatever you wear. Confidence is your sexiest asset!

~ From Intimate Guide ~

After your fun night, try these options for late night:

Gatsby Hearts Lace Trim Night Shirt

Holiday Sweetie One-Piece Lingerie by Forplay


About Gen Bell:

Wardrobe stylist and creative director Gen Bell was born in Chicago and is currently styling key individuals in the South Florida community in film, fashion and music. Bell has worked one on one with designers, boutiques, production companies, models and more. Bell has written for “Haute Living” Magazine, worked on production sets with highly acclaimed recording artists including J-Lo and Pitbull, as well as numerous other events in the industry.

With a portfolio centered on beauty, video, celebrity/music, and street-chic styling, Bell has a vast knowledge of creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. Working with color palettes, silhouettes and design, Gen Bell pulls together elements and principles to create a final “product” which sets apart from the rest.

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  1. Hello, I read this blog after valentine day but I thought if could land on this article before it than it might helping me so much. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. “The best way to lure interest is to leave a little to the imagination.”. Best. Advice. Ever. Hahaha I love reading this. This could also be used with the coming xmas season! And then, valentine’s is just a few weeks away. Baby dolls FTW!

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