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Just because we love you, we spoke with Celebrity Fashion Designer & Author of The Science of Sexy Bradley Bayou about your next Summer Makeover – items every woman should have in her closet to look FAB this summer.

Intimate Guide: You’ve dressed women of every shape and size, and designed everything from couture to ready-to-wear clothing. What five items should every woman have in her closet this summer?

Bradley Bayou: 1. A maxi dress: 70′s are back and you can grab that trend and keep cool in a long cotton maxi dress. I like the longer hem line for a change, the romantic flower patterns and cheerful colors! Just make sure you pick one that is cut to best to flatter your body type. For instance, if you are a triangle, get one with a halter neck line and an empire waist; this will balance your shape. Also, get a print that works for you – if you are petite you will need a smaller print and if you have a larger frame you will need to find a larger pattern. The print scale should work with your body type, not against it.

2. This summer you will find lots of color in wild and crazy prints, which may be hard to wear. I suggest getting a solid tunic with the color around the neck-line. Find a tunic that is fitted at the waist with a v-neck. The color can be a print or embroidery, crochet or macramé around the neck and dipping in the front with the v-neck. This is a very flattering shape; the color and detail around the top of the tunic will draw attention to your face and neck. Pair it with the same color bottoms for a lean long look, or you could even wear it as a cover up.

3. A neon belt – Shocking I know! But this is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color and update your outfit instantly. You can get a skinny or thick one, decide based on your body type.

4. Summer Suit – Go with cotton, it is breathable and very diverse. You will find options with a cotton/Lycra mix if you need a little more give, or a light, flowy cotton can also be very nice. Just choose a fabric weight and structure that works for your body type. You will be surprised how glamorous cotton can be with the right shoes and accessories, or how comfortable you will be wearing it, especially on those hot summer days.

5. A silky camisole or blouse – Have a little fun and choose a bright color or an animal print. Just remember to pick a silhouette and color or print that works for your body type.

IG: These 5 items could take you anywhere!

BB: You can mix and match them to dress up or down. This is also a great guide for packing when you are traveling this summer.

IG: Speaking of summer… most women dread swimsuit shopping. Can you give us some tips on flattering swimwear for different body types – curvy, petite, pear-shape, etc.?

BB: Sure. If you’ve got an Inverted Triangle shape or broad shoulders:
A one-piece with a tank-wrap top in a dark color with a light or brighter color on the bottom or a small skirt. You want the straps to fall on the outside of your shoulders with a V-neck. This will pull your eye in making your shoulders seem smaller and then combine that with a bright color or lighter color bottom and you will get an hourglass shape.

Triangle Body Shape:
A one-piece or two piece will work for you depending on what you feel most comfortable in, just be sure to pick one with a halter top and high cut leg. By picking a halter or straps close to your neck, it will give you the illusion of broader shoulders to balance your hips. Boy shorts are not for you – they will cut your leg at the widest section adding weight. Instead, pick a suit that arches up to elongate your leg and balance a heavy bottom half.

Short Legs or Torso:
Choose a suit with a high-cut leg. There are really interesting one-pieces out there now with cut outs—pick one where the leg is exposed as much as possible. Boy-cut shorts are not for you.

Big Bust:
Choose a swimsuit with support – either a bra-shaped or halter top with underwire will work best for you. Choose a darker color on top with a brighter color or print on the bottom. You have a choice of either a bikini or full-piece depending on your midsection, and with either type of suit make sure any embellishments are on the lower half to balance your bustline.

The Aerin Rose tankini top shown here has hidden underwire, and a paisley print bottom with shades of purple and aqua. The top has removable cookies so you can control the push-up oomph.

A Rectangle Body Shape / or no waist:
Choose a one-piece with a V-neck, as plunging as you feel comfortable and a belted waist, preferably in a contrasting or bright color.

Long Body:
Tankinis or a one-piece will work well on you—any top with an empire waistline. If you want to do a two-piece just make sure you minimize the distance between your top and bottom. But if you really want to go for a bikini just be sure to pair it with a high-waisted bottom.

IG: What if you are petite and small chested and want to add more visual interest on top?

BB: For a Small Bust:
You can go as skimpy as you like up top, but choose suits that have their prints or embellishments on the top rather than the bottom, like ruffles or beading.

IG: Lots of our readers are on a tight budget. If you’re working within a budget, what is the single most effective change you can make to your wardrobe?

BB: Well… to update your wardrobe on a budget, add inexpensive accessories. It is best to put your money in the basics, and then incorporate trends with inexpensive accessories like jewelry or belts. This summer neon and color is still prominent – so add a pop of color to spruce up your closet basics. It is always a good idea to show your waist, so pick up a belt, either super skinny or wider, depending on your body type, and wear it to update button down shirts, over t-shirts, with a cardigan or light weight sweater.

IG: What is your favorite color for the summer? What can best be paired with the color?

BB: Safety orange – I kind of like it with everything… taupe, grey, white, black…. and color: purple, blue and even red. Don’t be afraid, just go for it!

IG: It’s so HOT this summer, especially here in Florida. What do you recommend to keep cool and look great?

BB: A men’s cotton button down shirt. Wear it as a tunic, open as a light jacket, belted, or as a cover up. It is a little edgy and very sexy!


Bradley BayouCelebrated as the man who can make everyone look fantastic whatever their shape or size, Bradley Bayou has gained widespread recognition for his many contributions to the fashion industry. As Creative Director and Head Designer for Halston, Bayou revived the label to its original stature as a world renowned brand. While at Halston, he cultivated a huge celebrity following, and Bradley’s couture label – BRADLEY BAYOU – has been worn by Oprah Winfrey, Keira Knightly, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Taraji Henson, Kristin Davis, Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria, Megan Fox, Selma Hayek and Beyonce Knowles. His designs have graced the covers and pages of numerous magazines. He also has a very successful ready-to-wear namesake collection at QVC. He’s also been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC TODAY Show, CBS Early Show, The View, Live with Regis and Kelly, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Tyra Banks Show, The Wendy Williams Show, MTV’s House of Style, and VH1′s Fashion Television.

Bayou made his ideas even more accessible by writing The Science of Sexy, where he helps women dress to fit their unique figure with a style system that works for every shape and size. With his passion for helping women love their body and not conform to the unrealistic world of size 2 models, Bayou serves as an ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association, where he champions a campaign to promote healthy body images in the media and fashion industry. He addressed these issues as a guest speaker at Harvard Medical School and is currently working with the New York Department of Labor as a member of Child Performer Eating Disorders Prevention Advisory Board.

Bayou currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Mark and their bulldog George.

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