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Happy National Running Day! Did you start the day with a run? And if so, have you noticed the heat and humidity picking up where you are? It sure is here! But I stayed cool in my new Jockey tank top. Jockey now has clothes and undies that absorb body heat and keep you cooler – 3 degrees cooler in fact. With technology made for NASA, Jockey has now made my summer and Yoga classes in Florida a bit more comfortable! I tried the whole line. I swear they work!

Why wouldn’t you want to wear cool underwear? Jockey Staycool is a new line of innovative underwear and tops that regulate skin temperature to keep you feeling cooler and comfortable all day long. Jockey is the first company to market both women’s and men’s underwear treated with Outlast® technology to the U.S. market, which was originally developed for NASA to help balance temperature fluctuations in space.

I tried all 4 womens pieces: the reversible tshirt, the reversible tank, the modern brief and the bikini. I wear the tank for workouts, the tshirt as a basic fashion staple, and both panties whenever – but I prefer the bikini because of the lower waistband, so they hide under my shorts better. The shirts are reversible from back to front (not inside out) so you have your choice of wearing them as a crew neck or Vneck. I prefer to wear mine as Vneck, but the crew neck is comfortable too. Some reversible tops seem too high when they are worn as a crew neck, but not these tops!

The cotton on the whole line is soft and light. The waistband on the underpants is wide but not constricting. It doesn’t itch or dig in. The only problem I have had with these pieces is that they resist stain removal. Twice I have stained the white tank after coming home from a workout and grabbing a quick snack, and both stains remained after regular washing and OxiClean soaking. I’d also prefer a slightly lower V-neck. The overall cut of the tops is very true-to-size (even with my D-cup), and the tops have a feminine curve but not a tight cling. The wider straps on the tank are nice for covering sports bras and requiring less sunscreen. I give the whole comfy, cool Jockey line an 8/10!

The Jockey® staycool line is available in multiple colors with a suggested retail price of $21 for women’s tops, 2/$27 for men’s, and 3/$22.50-$29.50 for underwear. See the science behind the technology in this video. And as you shop online, you can earn new Jockey Rewards. Now that’s cool!

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