Racktrap for “the GIRLS” on the go

Looking for a fun, affordable gift idea for your BFF, sister, daughter or mom?
Surprise her with something that’s pretty and practical. Not a stocking stuffer… the Racktrap is literally a BRA-stuffer! A slim undetectable coin purse that can hold your cash, credit card, license and other “necessities” right in your bra.

The Racktrap comes in a Fashion 3-pack of Black Lace, White Lace and Nude Lace so you can share ($15.95), or Water-Resistant Sport Version for the athletes you know and love ($9.95) or a Special Edition Gold for the prettiest gift ($7.95). Get one now at theracktrap.com.

Celebrity fans include Reese Witherspoon, Rebecca Romijn, Molly Sims, Cindy Crawford and Dolly Parton.

The Racktrap will give you the convenience and safety to quickly access money, credit cards, Metro cards, ATM cards and a key without rummaging through your purse on a night out or while on the go. it hides well, but is not large enough for most cell phones. You can watch one test of the Racktrap here. If you wear a bra or know someone who does, you need The Racktrap!

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