Pambra’s Bra Liner

  • Do you find underwire bras irritating?
  • Do you get heat rash or sweat under or between your breasts?
  • Have you already tried powders, rags and minipads – only to remain frustrated?
  • pambra bra linerYou CAN feel more comfortable with the Pambra’s “Original Bra Liner”. Doctor tested and approved, Pambra’s virtually eliminates the threat of fungus, and prevents heat rash from developing. The liners fit between your skin and your bra to absorb perspiration under and between the breasts, keep skin and clothes dry, prevent chaffing and irritation. They are also a great post-surgical option to create a barrier between your chest wall and prosthesis with no uncomfortable moisture.

    Pambra’s have no pins, hooks, or tapes; the liners have been proven to stay in place with a properly fitted bra. (A properly fitted bra has no more than two fingers space to pull away from the body.)

    Pambra’s are sold in packages of three and are machine washable and dryer safe. Available in white, nude and black. View a list of Pambra’s online retailers here.

    The “Pam” behind Pambra’s

    Pamela, from Pambra’s, took care of her sister, Patty, while she had Breast Cancer. Pamela developed the Mastectomy liners, both Unilateral and Bilateral, with Patty in mind. Pamela deeply cares for the needs of others and wants them to be comfortable while dealing with Breast Cancer.

    Our Pambra’s Review

    We had a volunteer try a Pambra’s liner. Lucy is a large breasted (G cup) breast cancer survivor. In the past, she has used a handkerchief on and off for 30+ years between her skin and the center gore of her bra to keep from getting a heat rash due to sweat gathering. She noted that her chances of getting a rash increased when her weight increased. If she gained weight, her breast size increased, and the amount of sweat trapped in the area increased.

    Lucy loved the soft, comfortable fabric of the Pambra’s liner, and the fact that it went longer around her body than the simple handkerchief she had been using. She did need to adjust her bra and wear it on a looser hook in back or her bra became too tight. But once that adjustment was made, the Pambra’s Liner stayed in place all day and wasn’t able to be seen through her clothes.

    Other Raves

    Other testimonials sent to Pambra’s from happy users said things like:
    “All doctors who do mastectomies should know how much Pambra’s help!”

    “After my double mastectomy I could not afford to buy the pocketed bra. I sweated really bad with the prosthesis, choosing not to even wear them sometimes. Your liners have made a world of difference to me.”

    “I live in SW FLorida and would not go out without one. They are worth the investment and will be one of the best things you can buy for the summer.”

    If you are an uninsured breast cancer survivor and can’t afford reconstruction surgery, please visit, the only non-profit organization dedicated to helping women aquire breast reconstruction surgery. Losing a Breast changes your life… Getting it back is life changing!

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