Intimate Savings: 5 Tips for Buying Lingerie

Kendal Perez is a frugal fashionista who helps fellow shopaholics find hassle-free ways to save money. Today, Kendal shares 5 Tips for Buying Lingerie.

Watch any fashion makeover, and you’ll find that what you wear underneath certain garments is just as important as the clothes themselves. An ill-fitting bra can turn even the chicest sheath into a fashion fail, and panty lines will instantly detract from form-fitting pants.

Quality lingerie can be pricey, but is ultimately worth the investment. And like most things, intimates often go on sale and can be found at a great discount if you know where and when to look. Here are several tips on finding lingerie for less, as well as ways to extend their shelf life.

1. Get Fitted
Before you buy another bra, get professionally fitted – if you have not recently, like, within the past 2 years. Department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom offer bra fittings, along with lingerie specialty stores. You may assume that by now, you know what size fits you best, but you might be surprised what you can learn from a professional. Also, as life changes, your bra size changes. (Learn more about bra shopping here.) You don’t have to be in the buff to be properly fitted! And they won’t pressure you into buying $200 of stuff you don’t want just because you spent 4 minutes with a tape measure and woman in dressing room.  (Editor’s note: avoid those pink mall bra stores. They aren’t bra fit specialists, they are salespeople.)

2. Know Your Brands
You can find great deals on bras from discount retailers like TJMaxx and Kohl’s, but you need to know your brands before you buy. A cheap bra will fall apart quickly, so avoid purchasing just for budget’s sake. Maidenform – Rachel’s favorite, Calvin Klein, Bali, Wacoal and Vanity Fair are all top quality and can typically be found at these stores for reasonable prices. You can often find them at outlet malls too!

3. Shop Online
Once you’ve been properly fitted, ordering online will be easier than ever and allow you to take advantage of great deals. Keep an eye on sales and coupon codes from large e-tailers like and

4. Take Care
As with most things, taking proper care of lingerie will increase its longevity. Hand wash delicate garments in cold water with gentle detergents (we recommend SOAK.) Alternatively, place bras in a mesh bag and wash on the delicate cycle in your washing machine to prevent any snagging. Click the photo at right to find one online, or you can find lingerie bags at Wal Mart – and that small investment will save you money for years! Always hang dry – never put anything delicate in the dryer – to keep the elastic lasting long. Take a queue from lingerie stores for storage: Place bras in rows within in your dresser drawer to maintain shape and keep them from hooking onto each other.

5. Quantity Counts
Owning and wearing multiple bras will keep each one from wearing out too soon. If you don’t wear the same bra two days in a row, it will help the elastic last longer. Be sure your boudoir includes the basics, like a skin-tone bra to wear under white, a great sports bra. For other must-have bras, check out our articles on the topic.

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  1. Some useful advice for women, good post!

  2. Joy says:

    I have been following you for sometime but will not no longer follow you, I work at what you call a pink mall store and it your information we are strictly trained on how to properly measure and fit our customers for the perfect firing bras!

  3. Anne Meyer says:

    Great post! informative for women…and also men..LOL. :)))))

  4. Kate says:

    top tips ladies, great post!

  5. Rachel says:

    @Joy, I have done my research. I have been measured with the tape not even touching my body, I have been offered a completely wrong size bra to try to close a sale, and I have seen elastic on these products last only 3 months. I have been told by a former employee that she was trained with a video, not even a person or a tape measure. Not impressed. What I have seen in Dillard’s and Macy’s goes WAY above and beyond these “pink mall chains”.

  6. Claire says:

    Well done on making these informed points Rachel, I too have bitterly disappointed by the lack of diligence and training by staff at these ‘pink mall chains’- the aim is to make a quick sale, regardless of whether or not the product is the right thing for the customer.
    These are really good tips- especially the laundry bag! This wouldn’t occur to a lot of people! Thanks :)

  7. Abby says:

    Great advice in this post, thank you for sharing. It’s important to get professionally fitted as a poorly fitted bra can affect aspects of your health such as your posture, some people have even complained of head and stomach aches which disappeared after changing to the correct size bra. Putting lingerie in a mesh wash bag is also a great piece of advice, I will definitely be adopting that idea from now on.

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