4 Ways to Heat Things up This Valentine’s Day

Please welcome guest blogger Kelsey Schultz from HalloweenCostumes.com! Check out their site for great prices on costumes, and the accessories that finish things off – like fishnets, wigs and more – at LOW prices! If anyone can give advice on how to heat things up, someone who sells costumes all year round can!

Valentine’s Day may still be over a month away, but it’s never too early to start planning what you’re going to do or wear! Love is in the air, and your significant other is looking forward to an evening with you and only you. Whether you do the traditional flowers, dinner and a movie – or are treated to a home-cooked meal and dessert; it’s when you head to the bedroom that sparks really fly.

To get things started off right, here is a list of 4 ways to heat things up:

1.  Playboy Magic

Hugh Hefner is in his 80′s and he still looks classy lounging around surrounded by beautiful women. Take some of Hef’s idealism and tone it down a notch on Valentine’s Day with this Playboy robe. When you come home from work on Valentine’s Day, don’t let him throw on those same old sweats! This smoking jacket style robe can be waiting for him. Wearing this robe gives men even more reason to walk around the house in their boxers, welcoming the ladies to take it all off.  Or pair this for him with a sexy bunny costume for you, and you’ll be sure to have an exciting night ahead.

2.  Lacy Lingerie

If full-on costumes aren’t your thing, there are other ways to create a night of sexy naughtiness, such as more sophisticated lingerie. Lacy lingerie or silky pajamas, mixed with a seductive fragrance or lotion, are sure to result in an exciting night. There’s a wide variety of lingerie to choose from, so there is something for every personality type. Don’t be afraid to pick something out of the norm, though; surprising him on Valentine’s evening is half the fun!

3. Massage Oil and Romantic Candles

Set the right mood by giving each other massages. Aromatherapy is a great way to get sparks flying. Are you in the mood for a relaxing, intimate evening? Or would you rather have an exciting, passionate night? If you have a scent that can help you drift back to a romantic vacation or special day, your sense of smell has the uncanny ability to trigger memories because it is the only sense that directly connects to the part of the brain that stores emotional memories. (For example, the Eucalyptus Spearmint collection from Bath & Body Works is what Jeff and Rachel took to their honeymoon in Honolulu, and now the scent of that massage oil always reminds her of Hawaii!)

Candles can also help set the mood, regardless of what you’re planning. There are also plenty of massage oils that will relax the body, all while adding a sweet fragrance to the room to put you in the romantic spirit.

4. Have You Ever…

Dare your partner into doing the unexpected when you play games together. When it comes to games like “Have you Ever?” and even “Truth or Dare”, the sparks between each other can catch fire quickly. Whatever choice of game you play, it’s always better with the lights dim, candles burning, wine poured, and smooth sensual music playing in the background.

An additional way to heat things up is to stay in for the night, watch a ridiculously romantic movie while drinking your favorite beverage of choice, and lounging in your sleepwear – all the while knowing where the night will lead. Whatever you plan on doing this Valentine’s Day, make sure it’s extra special for your lady or man!

This article was written by Kelsey Schultz from HalloweenCostumes.com. Not sure what to wear this Valentine’s? Browse these sexy costumes for some exciting ideas.

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