Eve’s Apples Measures Up

Eve’s Apples Lingerie, an online lingerie boutique for small busts, has launched a new online sizing program for small, hard-to-find sizes like AA cups and larger bands for small busts. In the February 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan, Eve offered bra-fitting tips to help women flaunt smaller breasts. However, she recommends going through the online fitting because some shapes are especially challenging.

EvesApplesLingerie.com features an online “bra finder” based on breast type, shape, bra function and optimal price. We all know most women are wearing the wrong bra size – and that includes small-busted women! According to “Eve”, traditional bra fitting systems don’t work for women with smaller breasts.

“Most bra-measurement systems don’t take into account breast shape, tissue, and placement on the chest,” says Eve. “So women with small breasts often end up wearing ill fitting bras with cups that are too small and bands that are too big.”

Visit EvesApplesLingerie.com for a complimentary online bra fitting. “Women do their own measurements in the privacy of their home, then we review each submission personally and determine her true bra size based on all of the factors – not just chest circumference and breast size.”

Customer Reactions:

“I had no idea I should be wearing a 32C! I’ve been wearing a 36B (believed I actually was a 36A!!) since high school.”

“The online consultation benefit is the BEST. For years, I’ve been planning to go to some high-end department store to be fitted and to learn my true bra size. With a job, two kids, and the chaos of life in general, I’ve just never found the time — and quite honestly, I’ve felt a little silly and self-conscious about bearing my tiny little apples!”

Thanks, Eve, for offering an at-home solution to bra fittings! (She is currently developing a patented bra-fitting system just for small-busted women that can be utilized without the help of a professional; look for it to be released in late 2011.)

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