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I hope you all found great ways to make a difference this Earth Day! Every tiny step we can make in helping our planet will only add up to greater changes.

For Earth Day, I wore an Earth Creations dress. Their new 2011 Spring/Summer line of sustainable, organic, clay-dyed clothing offers the fun and flirty designs you will love to wear all season.

The story behind their clay dyes is a great one! They start by using sustainably grown fibers such as hemp and organically grown cotton for their fabrics. Their eco-friendly dyeing process uses only natural and biodegradable materials. And they strongly support Fair Trade and Sweatshop-Free practices. And to prove it all, they are certified by WRAP – an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.

I received the Infinity Skirt in azurite. It can be worn as a skirt or dress and can be tied many ways for multiple looks. First thing first – the steely blue color is sensational and the size was just right. There is room for a size D chest in the top, but if you’re smaller it will just hug you differently.

I tried tying the piece in a variety of ways before wearing it to work as a one-shouldered dress. I received lots of compliments on the dress from colleagues!

I noticed that the fabric at the shoulder inched toward my neck so I was constantly tugging at it throughout the day. It seems like this could be resolved with practice tying it just right. The fabric was not only pretty, but comfortable and soft. It’s not a light cotton like those cheap t-shirts I keep seeing everywhere. Don’t worry about this dress being see through!

I love that the garment is 100% organic cotton, making the price reasonable; and I also love that it is clay dyed and made in the USA. All good reasons to make one your own!

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