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Okay ladies, we’ve given many suggestions about what the guys should get you for Valentine’s Day. Now it’s time for you to step up to the plate. Lingerie isn’t only the realm of the female, you know. Though we’d prefer not to call it “lingerie”, we men do enjoy comfortable loungewear from time to time. The occasional “studly” undergarment is not out of the question either. So, here are my suggestions for some welcome Valentine’s Day gifts.

Mansilk long pajamas1) Mansilk Long Pajama Pants. Rachel suggested to the guys that pajamas are always a great default option for the ladies. I don’t often sleep in pajamas, but I love lounging around the house in them. These long pajama pants from Mansilk are 100% silk. The relaxed fit is perfect for a lazy morning (or day) around the house. They’re also sexy enough for a fun evening in the house. Even if your favorite man might be put off by pajamas, just dare him to wear these for one evening while you’re hanging on the couch watching TV. You can bet he won’t need any prodding from you after that.

Ginch Gonch Star trunk2) Ginch Gonch Underwear. For something different, get him a fun pattern in his favorite style from Ginch Gonch. I prefer boxer briefs, so the trunk would be my choice, but all the Ginch Gonch patterns are available as low rise briefs, and standard briefs in addition to trunks. A wide range of fun patterns are available from western themes to jungle themes, so you’re sure to find something that perfectly fits his rear and his personality. It’s like underoos for adults!

Magic Silk Knit Boxer Brief3) Magic Silk Knit boxer brief. While we’re on the subject of boxer briefs, how about one made of silk? When most people think of silk, they think of something loose fitting. That doesn’t mean that something a little tighter isn’t comfortable. In fact, these silk boxer briefs from Magic Silk are extremely lightweight and comfortable. They are naturally temperature regulating and feature a wide logo waistband. If he’s already a fan of boxer briefs, these may soon become his favorite pair.

Mansilk Martini Glass Boxer shorts4) Mansilk Martini Glass Boxers. What list would be complete without a classic pair of silk boxers? Now, a lot of times ladies will go out and buy their favorite guy a luxurious pink pair of silk boxers with hearts all over them. These may be worn once on Valentine’s day but they soon become that lady’s boxer shorts. Now, that may not be accidental but how about buying him something he will wear this year? These martini glass print boxers are comfortable on the inside and manly on the outside. If James Bond ever wore silk boxer shorts, he wore these.

So ladies, I hope this is a helpful guide for all those who’d like to get something soft and luxurious for their man this year. If you don’t have a special someone this year, or if your guy isn’t in to lounge wear, then feel free to indulge me with one of the above. My waist size is 30″ ;). You can send all gifts to:

Jeff LeRoy

c/o Red Sixes, Inc.

622 1st Ave S #4

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s day!

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