Dear Kate absorbent Yoga Pants


You may recall that a while back we introduced you to Dear Kate panties. These awesome undergarments absorb sweat, liquid, odors – you name it – and still look like cute panties.

What if your FITNESS WEAR did that?!


Julie Sygiel, the founder of Dear Kate, used her chemical engineering background and spent two years developing Underlux, a patent-pending blend of fabrics that is wicking, stain-releasing, machine washable, comfortable, good looking, and could hold up to three teaspoons of liquid without leaking.

Customers frequently describe Dear Kate panties as “life-changing,” which makes sense when you consider 60% of women deal with monthly period overflow and 1 in 4 women experience light bladder leaks on a regular basis.

DEAR KATE ROUND ONE-5441-2The products have become favorites of professional athletes and fitness-conscious women, who appreciate their ability to wick sweat and prevent workout leaks. It was a natural transition to create an expanded line of absorbent fitness apparel. Customers asked for – and have now received – Dear Kate yoga pants!

They make perfect sense: comfortable, versatile and stylish, yoga pants as both workout and street wear. But they’re not quite perfect yet, so Dear Kate set about to do for yoga pants what they had done to underwear.

“We began by asking our customers and friends what they hated, loved, and wished for in their yoga pants. Turns out we hit a nerve, because over 900 women responded. Many felt so passionately that an online survey wasn’t enough, so Julie took calls from and met up with women who saw the chance to finally get the pair they had always imagined. Meanwhile, Julie tried out 70 of the leading yoga pants on the market, experiencing firsthand the assets and woes of each style.” a rep from Dear Kate shared.

They moved their clothing campaign to Kickstarter, where women everywhere showed their support and they broke $100k even though they started with a goal of $15k! People want these pants!

IMG_5565Now they hope to include pants, capris, a sporty bralet and shorts of 2 lengths in their absorbent fitness apparel line! They are anti-cameltoe and have a little keypocket for your ID or music or whatever… and some of the pants have little pops of color on the flat seams.

So now they are designing a yoga pant to fit and flatter the wide range of women’s real bodies. They tested fabrics to find one that is solid yet light, soft, and guaranteed see-through proof. “We even sent it to an industrial pilling machine to make sure it doesn’t pill,” they said.

Julie tried out each prototype on the mat and in the streets until she found the pair she never wanted to take off. With a small inset of Dear Kate’s patent pending Underlux fabric, these pants offer the protection of Dear Kate’s underwear technology while allowing you to go commando on the mat. No VPL (Visible Panty Lines), no bunching or riding up, and no stress over winging it or feeling pressure to wear thongs. Just comfort and freedom of movement.

I workout all the time. And I travel. And I get a monthly visitor. These pants sound like the bomb! If you contribute to their Kickstarter now, you can be among the first to get a pair… or wait patiently and soon you’ll be able to buy them online. Follow Dear Kate on Facebook to stay up to date!

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