Bras, meet Berry Ball!

berryballLeeza’s review:
Always one to follow instructions (giggle and snicker), I have been reluctantly diligent about hand washing my lined t-shirt bras in an effort to ensure that they don’t lose their smooth form or elasticity from getting twisted and pulled in the washing machine. This diligence, however, means finding extra laundry time in my busy week. Or, even worse, wearing my favorite bra “just one more time” before it gets washed. Enter the NEW Berry Ball & Berry Bag from Berry Perry! My life just got a little easier!

Now, I am a DDD cup, so technically the Berry Ball is not meant for my sizeable undergarments (the set comes available in sizes small and large to accommodate cup sizes 32A – 38D). But I figured it was worth a shot just the same, and it worked wonderfully. I simply opened the ball with the easy snaps, maneuvered the cups into the contoured sides of the ball, threw in the ‘scrubbing ball’ and snapped her shut. Then I tossed the whole ball in the wash.

27 minutes later I pulled out my bra, which had not only maintained its shape and elasticity, but likely had the best wash it has had in its lifetime as well.

The set also includes a Berry Bag, which can be used inside the ball to protect more delicate bras, as well as panties, hosiery and other delicates in the wash. And both ball and bag are sure to come in handy next time I am traveling. I am going to put my lined bras inside the ball within my suitcase so that they don’t end up flattened and twisted by the time I get to my destination!

Gone are my days of hand washing my everyday t-shirt bras. Thank you Berry Perry!

About Berry Perry and the Berry Ball & Bag, Complete Lingerie Care Solution Set:
If you’re like most women, you know you shouldn’t toss your bras into the wash, but do it anyways because it’s quick and easy. The newly launched Berry Ball & Berry Bag from Berry Perry is a complete laundry solution set specifically designed to care for lingerie quickly, easily and effectively, offering solutions not only for bras, but for swim, underwear, hosiery, socks and other delicates as well. The set comes available in sizes Small and Large to accommodate cup sizes 32A – 38D, in colors Pink, Purple or Blue. The Berry Ball & Berry Bag delivers in stores & e-retailers throughout the United States beginning April 15th, 2010, at a suggested retail price of $13.99.

The Berry Ball additionally features a unique Scrubbing Ball specifically designed to clean bra cups from the inside, creating friction to both clean and aid in dissolving detergent as well. For best results, put only 1 bra in the Berry Ball at a time, however multiple Berry Balls may be washed in each load.

Lose one too many socks in the wash? With your underwear, hosiery, socks and other delicates safely enclosed inside the Berry Bag, you never have to worry about losing another sock or pair of underwear in the washing machine again. And say goodbye to stretched, runned and twisted hosiery!

When not in use, hang the Berry Ball by the attached strap, or use for daily bra storage.

The Berry Ball has undergone extensive research & development to be sure the product is 100% safe in your washing machine, so it will not cause damage to your machine or your clothes. Additionally, the product features closures in addition to a backup clasp, so it will never pop open mid-cycle. While the Berry Bag is dryer-safe, never put the Berry Ball into the dryer – be sure to hang the product and your bras to dry.

The Berry Ball and Bag complete laundry solution set truly lets you save valuable time by using the washing machine, while yielding a delicate, hand-wash result.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Is your washer a front-loader or a top-loader with the agitation thing (I have no idea what it’s called) in the middle? Basically I’m trying to picture my bras balled into one of these and putting that ball in the washer and it seems like with my top-loader, the agitation thing would make it hard for the ball to move around in the wash.

  2. Leeza says:

    It’s a top loader with the agitation in the middle. It’s actually a small apartment size washer, so I had to spiral the ball down the agitation thingy. But if it were standard size it would fit right in. The ball doesn’t have to move too much because the inner tub of your washer is moving and the water is moving and the small Scrubbing Ball inside the larger Berry Ball is moving.

  3. Layla says:

    I love this idea! So many people don’t know how to care for their intimates properly and this could really save a lot of bras from tangles, tears, and dryers! thanks for sharing your review!


  4. LingFan says:

    I’ve bought the set. It’s AWESOME))))

  5. Lisa says:

    I bought the Large One I’m a 36d it was very hard to get it in the washer. I managed to squeeze it in. I Have 2 Victoria Secret Bras Each were $65.00. I followed instructions exactly and when I opened the washer both bras were not in the ball. Also both Balls were completely latched closed. I called the manufacture since my bras are ruined and there was no offer for a refund or anything.Im not happy at all.

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