Bachelorette Party Ideas on a Budget

Guest post by Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc.

Most of us don’t have the budget for a Parisian-themed blowout like the girls had in the movie Bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean the bride-to-be should settle for the local salad bar early bird special in the name of savings.

Though it may seem like bar-hopping at nearby watering holes is the cheapest way to go, there are other ways to host a more meaningful or memorable ladies’ night out sans the gut-wrenching bar tab.

Consider these 6 ideas before rounding up your girls:

1. Get Out of Town: This is the ideal option, but not always the most economical. There are ways to reduce the costs associated with a weekend getaway, but be prepared to plan well in advance. First, consider a one-night stay somewhere nearby to avoid airfare. Or ask your attendees if someone has a family vacation home you can reserve on the cheap.

2. Scavenger Hunt: Channel your inner child and create a scavenger hunt for the bride, complete with challenges to solicit free drinks from strangers and requests for silly photos. If you live in a big city, check out StrayBoots for inexpensive packages tailored for bachelorette parties and have fun uncovering unknowns in your hometown.

Lingerie.com3. At-home Wine Tasting: If the bride-to-be enjoys a more sophisticated evening than the bar-hopping or male-stripper scene, consider hosting an at-home wine tasting. Cut costs by asking attendees to bring a bottle of their favorite wine-and-snack duo. You’ll need a wine glass for every attendee, plus water and bread to serve as palette cleansers. Talk to local liquor stores about wine reps coming through town who may be able to put on a free demonstration in exchange for a certain number of bottle purchases.

4. Lots of Laughs: Wedding planning can be awfully stressful, so a night full of comedy might be just the ticket! Check out your local comedy club and call ahead for front-row seating. Make yourselves known to the entertainers by ordering bachelorette-themed party wear online, making sure to grab free shipping codes from sites like to avoid delivery charges. Outfit the bride in a little girl’s tiara or boa for up to 75% less than specialty Bachelorette Party retailers.

5. Paint & Sip: If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the paint and sip trend, consider this a golden opportunity. What better way to celebrate the bride’s pending nuptials than with a wine-laden arts and crafts session? Hit up Google for a nearby studio, or better yet, tap into a friend’s artistic talent by having her lead the session at someone’s home. You may each end up with new wall art, or if you paint pottery you may be able to present the bride with custom dessert plates painted by her BFFs.

6. Bridal Bowling: You’ll get plenty of attention as a group of girls in a bowling alley, but consider taking it a step further by outfitting the bride and attendants in the worst available versions of thrift-store wedding attire. (Great bridal bowling photos here!) Call ahead to reserve a couple of lanes and talk to the manager about available packages, including pre-ordered food and a personal attendant. Let the good times roll!

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