Who buys lingerie for Mother’s Day?

Here at the Intimate Guide, we frequently get a heads up on all the sales and specials offered by lingerie shops around the internet.  The last few weeks, my inbox has been jammed with specials for Mother’s Day, leading me to wonder who the heck buys their mom lingerie for Mother’s Day?

I certainly can’t imagine myself purchasing a sexy cemise or babydoll for my mom this Mother’s Day.  Even something more practical, like pajamas or a 6 pack of panties seems a little strange.  I’ll probably grab a cheesy card and take her out for margaritas.

Oh, but there was a time in my life about 8 or 9 years ago where I was in a different situation.  I bought my mom flowers and a cheesy card, but Rachel and I had 2 small children so I had to do double duty.  Now, both daughters are old enough to make homemade cards and various craft items for Rachel on Mother’s Day.  Back then, the ball was in my court.  You see, lingerie on Mother’s Day for the “new” mom, is almost the perfect gift.

Why?  Let’s face it, she’s not feeling quite as sexy as she was when the kid was conceived.  Whatever she was wearing that night is probably crumpled up in a ball under a pile of really big (possibly stained) maternity panties.  You’re both tired and you’re timing your conjugal visits around someone else’s schedule.  What better way to say, “you’re a great mother, but I still want you”, than to get her some lingerie.

It’s not so easy, though.  You have to be careful.  You’ve got to worry about size.  She’s probably not the same size she was before the baby.  So, you probably can’t use the stuff she’s got as a guide.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to get the size right.  If it’s too big, she’ll think you see her as a cow.  If it’s too small, she’ll see herself as a cow.  Go for something with a general size (S,M,L).  Sleepwear is a good place to start – perhaps something simple like a white chemise.  Stay away from bras and panties that a more specifically sized, and don’t go for something too revealing.  She’ll want to feel sexy, but she’s probably not quite comfortable with her new body yet.

So, there you go.  If your lady is a new mom, go ahead and get her something sexy for Mother’s Day.  Before you know it, the kids will be old enough to make or buy mom a present.  You only have a few years, and once she puts that gift on, you won’t regret buying it.

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  1. Rachel says:

    As usual, I have to comment from a woman’s point of view…
    I would totaly buy my mom sleepwear for Mothers Day. It’s not weird at all. Nothing lacy and sexy, but PJs, a robe, matching slippers — all perfectly acceptable. Actually, she bought me a plain cotton aqua nightgown one year.

    I guess it’s a guy / girl thing. A man buying his mother something too personal is oedipal, but a daughter buying her mom something is just female bonding.

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