What about the guys?

After my post about what the ladies should get themselves for Valentine’s Day, there was a bit of an outcry from the guys about Valentine’s underwear for them.  My inbox was filled with scathing remarks, death threats, and only a little bit of support from guys who agree they’d rather see their favorite lady in something sexy than receive a new pair of boxers for Valentine’s Day. 

Although the variety of stuff available for the guys is a little more sparse than for the women, I’ve succumbed to the pressure and here are my top five Valentine’s Day pieces of lingerie for the guys.  Now stop the death threats…


1)  Best boxers.  My pick for the best boxers are the Mansilk printed silk boxers.  Unfortunately, the “official” product image doesn’t show the Martini Glass print, but I’d definately recommend them over the simple stripes.  These aren’t really for all day wear, but they’re great for that romantic evening hanging around the house.  They feel great when you’re just relaxing and they look great too.  The Mansilk printed silk boxers are available from Bare Neccessities for $21.50.

2)  Mansilk strikes again with my vote for the best male sleepwear.  The Mansilk long pajama pants are unbelieveably comfortable.  I recommend the Typhoon Stripe, for that extra extravagent look, but it’s hard to go wrong with any of these styles.  You should definately go commando wearing these when the two of you are hanging out watching movies on the couch.  If she’s wearing her August Silk Tap Set, it’s hard to believe good things aren’t going to happen.  The Mansilk long pajama pants sell for $58.00 at Bare Necessities.

Ginch gonch Big Bang briefs3)  Okay ladies, I know that sometimes you think your favorite guy is too good to be human.  In that spirit, I present this year’s pick for best superhero underwear!  That’s right, the Ginch Gonch Big Bang Star briefs are just the thing for that guy who goes the extra mile making sure you’re safe from evil doers everywhere.  If he likes to keep the family jewels closeby, he’ll love these.  They feature a red, white and blue starburst, a functional fly and a thick elastic waistband.  These go for $27.00 from Figleaves, but the super powers are extra.

Bamboo Slider Brief4)  When you feel those primal urges coming on, you’ll definately want to try this year’s pic for best tribal underwear.  The C-IN2 Bamboo slider brief is just what you need when you miss the old days when you ran through the jungle with nothing more than a strap around your waist and a little sock for your penis.  These briefs are made of 95% bamboo fiber yarns (no kidding) and 5% of that most natural of fibers – spandex.  The manufacturer claims these are great for high impact workouts, such as hunting wild boar and outrunning lava flows.  Be careful not to get too excited, they might break!  The C-IN2 Bamboo slider briefs are available in Rumba Orange or Vanilla Ice from Figleaves for $19.50. 

Calvin Klein Boxer briefs5)  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of boxer briefs, so my personal favorite gift for the guys this Valentine’s Day would be the Calvin Klein 365 Boxer briefs.  Some men like boxers and some like briefs.  I just like having the best of both worlds.  If you’re going to go that route, you may as well do it right and have the designer label showing across your waist when she rips your shirt and belt off.  You see, Fruit of the Loom makes some pretty comfortable boxer briefs, but when she sees that, she’s just going to start thinking about apples and grapes and that other guy who looks like a bran flake, and that’s just not sexy.  So, stick with the name that says class and the attention will be all over you.  The Calvin Klein 365 boxer briefs are $19.50 at Bare Neccessities. 

So, now you have my suggestions of the ladies and the guys.  It’s getting late, so you better shop now!  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, but make sure you enjoy your underwear year-round.  Let us know how things go. 

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  1. John Lambert says:

    What about us men who like to dress in womens clothing?

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